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my mom went to conns and re-open up her husband account so i could get a stackable w/d.okay the guys delivered the w/d but didn't try to attempt to set it up ( i was not there, my sister was there ) . i called and they brung it back(had and attitude the delivery guy) and i was goin to get the mantanice man to put it in. i got tired of waiting on the maintance man, so i told them that i wanted to return the w/d.this happened within a week, i was charge a restocking fee 15%, 2 deliveries, and a load of crap.i was told that since the box was open that it had to be rebox and restock okay it would have been okay if i did open the box but i didn't and i was tryin to tell the manager that the box was already open when it was delivered. the return policy says if the product is in its original box that u would not be charge a re-stocking fee. comming to find out that before they put the product on the truck they open it up, so it is open before it is delivered.i ended up spending 500.00 for something that sat in my living room for aboout less than a week and was still in the box. i even called the bbb and they couldn't help and the warehouse.oh and the manager was rude and didn't want to help, becasue the decision was up to him, even the asst. manager was trying to help me out butit was up to the be careful with conns!


  • Jo
    Johnieray Dec 23, 2016

    We bought a 55 inch ultra HDTV tv from conns and it doesn't work half the time we contacted conns and the was a dead end it's not even six months old wish I had went to Best Buy I know better now and the bed we bought sucks to I know they will never read this

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  • Ca
    Cash paying custermer Dec 11, 2017

    I brought a 55 in tv from conns nov 20 th the sales men told me if I returned it with in 24 hours I wouldn't be charged a restocking fee. Well low and behold he lied shame on you mr white and til this day I haven't received my refund I was told it takes 7 -14 business days now I paid cash for this tv 998.00 now I been informed it takes 30 - 35 business days for my refund in the mail the customer rep told me I was miss informed and it take up to 35 days not 14 this is some bull crap I'm seeking a lawyer to handle this matter

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  • Or
    Ora Green Oct 09, 2018

    conns is a joke, the name fix them perfect, conns because cunning is all they do

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  • Gb
    [email protected] Jul 14, 2019

    I bought a brand new laptop and we brought it home it looked like a refurbished laptop and when i compared the price we were charged for the laptop it was a proper rip off. I tried to return it in less that 2 days and was told we had to pay restocking fee which is 15% of the price of the laptop. This is ridiculou for something i bearly had for 72 hours we were still within the 14 days time to return but was being charged for something we don't want or like and never really used. We had to pay $120 for restocking fee. Talking with the manager didn't help seems they all just want your money. NEVER AGAIN WILL I GO BUY ANYTHING AT CONNS THEY ARE ONLY AFTER YOUR MONEY. BE VERY CAREFUL OF CONNS AND THEIR STUPID RESTOCKING FEES.

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