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In early January 2017 I bought a brand new top of the line LG washer/dryer combo from Conns located on FM 1960 (near Willowbrook Mall) in Houston, TX. On September 3rd the dryer stopped working. The interior light would come on, however the control panel was completely dead. It took until September 8th until a service person arrived. The service person was unable to fix the dryer and said that parts needed to be ordered. The new parts, (a complete new dryer door), did not arrive until September 19th. It was another 8 days, (September 27), before a service person arrived to install the new part. The replacement part was ineffective and the dryer still would not work. More parts were ordered. Those parts did not arrive until October 6th. The repair technician did not arrive to install the parts until October 11th. The dryer still does not work.

My wife called Conn's on multiple occasions to try to expedite Conns. She was treated with disrespect and hung up on at least twice.

The service department at Conns is highly inefficient and probably greatly understaffed. Customer service is totally uncaring about the plight of customers who are deprived of the product that was paid for. I have never in my life encountered a more inept and uninspired organization. I have been without the service of my $2000 dryer for over 5 weeks so far. My recommendation to all who read this is to avoid buying anything from Conns. They have no pride and no skill. Except the skill of taking money and not providing timely, competent service when needed. I understand that moving mechanical and electrical parts can fail. But the true measure of a company is how well they perform when something goes wrong and how they treat the customer to minimize hardships imposed by the equipment failure that they should be able to remedy. It is inexcusable to have to wait a week or more to get a service technician to a homeowner's location. Poor attitude, incompetent leadership, poor planning sums up Conns. Please do not repeat my mistake.


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      Oct 12, 2017

    I agree that it would be nice if the retailer kicked in to help out, but there's nothing stated that would require or compel Conn's to do so. Some retailers do offer extended service agreements that would help in such an instance.

    Having the process of service take time --- even weeks -- is not uncommon. It becomes that much more frustrating when an authorized tech can't get it right.

    Normally no-lemon guarantees kick in when a third repair is attempted without a positive outcome. Make sure each service is well documented. When and if the third try fails, directly explain that the product should be considered a lemon and an R.A. (Return Authorization) be issued with an exchange.

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