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Conn'sdelivery rebate

When we purchased a refrigerator on 11/22/08 we were told that we qualified for a delivery rebate.

We sent the paper work in on november 24, 2008. As to this date may 14, 2009, we have not recieved the rebate. We have been told it has been processed but it seems that someone can't seem to put the thing in the mail or something. The whole situation is beginning to smell fishy.

Why should it take so long to issue a rebate coming from conn's when most other companies can get it to you in 30 days from the date you submitted it.

We would appreciate an explanation on this or better so, see our check in the mail soon — not another 30 days or have to make another phone call just to get the run-around.

Sammie bauman
9329 mars ave.
Corpus christi, texas 78409
E-mail: [protected]


  • He
    henley_joshua Jun 02, 2010

    I put my rebate in the mail 2 days after purchasing washer and dryers, 4 months later... still no rebate check. On top of that, they decided that since they didn't have a new dryer in stock, they would deliver me the floor model instead, and that if I didn't want the floor model, it would take 2 weeks to get a new dryer. BS.

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  • Gw
    gwenmanuel12 Oct 15, 2010

    i didnt get my rebate to it alway an excuse so they can delay your money

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  • Gw
    gwenmanuel12 Oct 15, 2010

    well its so true they alway have an excuse why your rebate not in. when you first buy the applianance they make you think your rebate will be in the mail, just go on line to redeem it, that an liar it so hard to get the rebate, i sometime wonder will i get it or not. but you miss an payment on it, see what happen they can mess with your money but dont mess with their. no kind of justice for us.

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  • Gm
    G- Man Nov 13, 2010

    The same happened to me at Harlingen TX. a year ago. Definitely a (CONN) job.
    They had the balls to offer me an extended warranty last week.
    Do you have any idea where I told them where they could put it?

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  • Ch
    CHIGGERS Apr 02, 2014

    We bought furniture and appliances from them in November 2013 and they said that it would be about a week and we would have our rebate check. Well its now April and according to them it was mailed on March 12 and to wait about 2 weeks for delivery...I have heard of snail mail but dang! Talk about super snail mail, are they trying to save on postage or something? I have e-mailed them and it takes them a week to respond to the e-mail and all they can do is give me excuse after excuse, never a straight answer!

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  • Za
    ZaneS May 19, 2014

    Lol, November must be the month they decide to do this crap. We purchased in November of 13' as well and here it is May refund. They told us 2 months ago it was in the mail...then again last month as well. I've filed a complaint with the BBB - idiots.

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