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Conn's Applianceunemployment ins.

I have presented this before regarding the unemployment ins. we accquiered when we first contracted merchandise from Conn's. This was in 2007 and apparently when you continue to add merchandise to the existing account the benefits you purchase are not rolled over or they are just not added as part of the contract. Though the price increases none of the fees that are charged for that service are not removed, yet the service is denied when it is needed the most. And you the consumer are never told that it will change or be removed at notice to you. Who will acknowledge this at a later date to the consumer the carrier of the insurance not Conn's. Conn" will only demand what is owed to the account without even an investigation as why this would happen after a long period of time. As far as having their collectors making threats before hearing the facts. Well a lot has been paid to the account that would make a difference as to let Conn's know that ours was not intended to neglect our obligation but to seek an
answer to our delima to this matter. No threats just an honest answer. "Why were the benefits cancelled when we never requested it to cancel." And why are only the most recent contracts pulled to show of no ins. policy?" Go back to the original in 2007.

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