Zulily.combe prepared to wait over a month for your order

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International customers: be prepared to wait over a month for your order. I order from many flash websites in the states and this isn't a surprise, nor is it my complaint. For starters, the website charged my account and then claims that they do a "reversal of funds" within 72 hours, just to make sure you have the money in your account or that it exists (???!) and then charges your account again when the items individually ship. Wtf! Just take my money and send my stuff when it comes in like every other site! The reversal of funds never went through and after an hour on the phone with my bank, they completed an investigation and a week later (Over month after the initial transaction) my money was finally returned. Worst of all, customer service kept sending me the same email (In different words) telling me it was all to do with my bank and nothing to do with them and I had to deal with them charging me twice for all of the merchandise. At the end of the "investigation", it was them who never submitted the reversal. Fancy that. Secondly, when I finally received my package it wasn't mine, wrong packing slip and all. Are you kidding me?? I'm now waiting for a reply from customer service so I can waste more time submitting a return and then waiting another month for my stuff to come. Never again!!


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      Nov 01, 2012

    I am wondering about my on line order. Just want to know if it has been shipped out. Could you send me some info at my email
    which is [protected]@ace thank you.

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