Zulilyonline purchase

P Aug 31, 2018

I have been a super loyal customer for over the years. This week when purchasing a few items I was not able to. Additionally, I received an email stating that my past orders have been canceled.
Confused, I contacted customer service (thinking it was a serious company) I kept getting random replies stating that I needed to contact my bank because they closed my account. Finally I call them and they never apologized, a certain Leslie tells me that my account has been compromised. Then has me speak to the worse manager Kenya, who told me if I needed to shop with them to open another account with a different email address.
When I contacted my bank they told me no inquiry came from that vendor. When I double checked on my zullily app I noticed my credit card no longer featured but instead another card (which I never saw before) was there twice.
Later, I understood that my account had been hacked but instead of contacting me to warn me; Zilllily just closed my account without an apology or an explanation. Their site is not secure and my personal information has been compromised and not even an explanation let alone an apology was given. THIS IS THE WORSE COMPANY. I WILL NEVER SHOP WITH THEM.

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