DirectBuy Complaints & Reviews

Direct Buy Auto Warranty / I paid in full for warranty now company out of business due to unethical behaviour.

Feb 13, 2017

On 07/18/2014 I purchased an auto warranty which is not due to expire until 07/18/2019. I just recently found out that the company went out of business and I'm requesting a full refund of $1800.00 since the company never did any repairs on my vehicle. Direct buy auto warranty also ha...

Direct Buy Auto Warranty / direct buy auto warranty

Nov 10, 2016

We took Direct Buy Auto Warranty on July 28, 1914 on our 2011 Buick Enclave. It should have lasted until July 28th 2018. We have not yet used their auto warranty, as we have been fortunate with repairs on our car. But, today we have a issue with our Buick and the dealer who is repairing our...

DirectBuy / office furniture

Jun 13, 2016

I have a membership with Direct Buy of Little Rock. I have used it twice to outfit two separate business offices with sofas, tables, chairs, and desks. Both times I saved some money (which is great). both time I have been delayed and delayed and delayed getting my stuff. I always ordered...

Direct Buy / household appliances

Feb 28, 2016

The company is a definite ripoff. The sales representative called and called to get us in for the sales pitch. Upon listening to all of the "wonderful" opportunities to save all "all" brands, we signed-up. At the first opportunity to use the service, we got no assistance and continue to get no service. Haven't been able to complete a sign sale.

Direct Buy Auto Warranty / extended warranty / vehicle service contract

Sep 01, 2015

Do not purchase an extended warranty from Direct Buy Auto Warranty ("DBW"). I purchased the Platinum Elite LEP (DBW's top-of-the-line warranty) (the "Warranty") for $2, 600.00 to cover my 2012 F-450 through 200, 000 miles (bought the Warranty to cover the gap when factory...

DirectBuy Auto Warranty NJ / not refunded $500 gas card for contract terminated w no claims as promised.

Aug 19, 2015

We bought an Auto Warranty policy from DirectBuy Austo Warranty of NJ on our 2006 Mercedes Benz E 350 in 2011 with the terms that we would be sent a $500 gas card at the close of contract if there had been no or minimal claims paid. Contract termed in January 23, 2015 and we have called...

Direct Buy Auto Warranty / direct buy warranty -

Jan 29, 2015

MIDDLESEX COUNTY – A company that advertised customers "would never pay for covered auto repairs bills again" has agreed to stop operating in New Jersey within six months and reimburse consumers who purchased motor vehicle service contracts but were not provided the coverage a...

Direct Buy of Southern Maryland / furniture

Oct 08, 2014

I ordered two expensive chairs which came with the wrong finish + more problems. Manufacturer by email told Direct Buy to change the finish in the order to the one provided rather than the finish I ordered. Direct Buy indicates that there is nothing defective about the furniture received...

Direct Buy Auto Warranty, Iselin, New Jersey / Auto Warranty / scam!

Aug 19, 2014

Total SCAM!!! FRAUD!!! I purchased the Elite Platinum Warranty (VSC NUMBER [protected]) in November 2013 for a 2004 XJR. On August 15, 2014, Direct Buy Auto Warranty denied a claim to replace/repair the Right Rear Tie Rod and the Left and Right Front Lower Control Arm Bushings, that failed...

Direct Buy Baton Rouge / direct buy misleading consumers

Jul 30, 2014

1) Direct Buy is misleading consumers in to think they can buy direct from manufactures at cost. (2) Direct buy tells you if you don't join today you cant never be a member. (3) Direct buy tells you they will not pull your credit and they do. (4) Direct Buy will not allow you to post negative reviews on there site.

Direct Buy / auto warranty scam

Jul 16, 2014

When I bought my car (used) I decided to by a warranty DBW offered the coverage I was looking for. I made an initial payment and was told the remainder would charged to my account over 18 months this was May 2013. I was told there is 1month or 1000 mile waiting period before I could use...

Direct Buy Auto Warranty / deception and false advertisement

Jun 24, 2014

I have some recorded conversations with Direct Buy representativeas evidence they are engaged in deception and false advertisement. After submitting an online request to purchase an extended auto warranty for my son's car, I received a phone call from Direct Buy Auto Warranty and...

Direct Buy / cabinets

Mar 14, 2014

Joined direct buy back in sept 2013 because we were going to do a remodel. Went there today to pick out some kitchen cabinets for our kitchen. We already had a design. We were told it didn't matter we would have to pay 300.00 to see a designer in order to buy cabinets. I think this is just...

Direct Buy Auto Warranty / fraud

Feb 12, 2014

I just purchased a used 2006 bmw x5 4. 4i with 82, 000 miles. I started looking for extended warranty and found direct buy on line. I explained to the sales rep what i was looking for i wanted full coverage on the car because i new when and if something needed fixed on the bmw the cost...

Direct Buy Auto Warranty / auto warranty

Jan 30, 2014

Purchased a extended warranty thru Direct Buy. The heater went out in my vehicle. I called Direct Buy and informed them that the heater went out in my car. They informed me to take the vehicle to a ASE certified company. I did. My car sat there for a day. I called Direct Buy back the...

Direct Buy Auto Warranty / fraud/scam

Jan 29, 2014

I, apparently along with other unsuspecting people have been taken for a scam by direct buy auto. I paid $1900 for my warranty for my 2002 Mercedes. I have had no problems with my car and even took it in last week for Service A oil change. Three days later the one year old battery was dead...

Direct Buy Auto Warranty / billing and service

Aug 09, 2013

On February 2, 2013 my debit card was charged for $300.00. I thought I purchased the Warranty on January 31, 2013. Never again did I hear from this company. Never did I receive an email or mailing from this company. I was questioning what was going on with the warranty and after months of...

Direct Buy Membership / scammed

Jul 18, 2013

We took the lowest membership of $3490.00 that we couldn't really afford but the savings and conveince that was promised would have been worth the sacrifice, if it would have been true. During the orientation the subject of online shopping from your home came up. I am a handicapped...

DirectBuy / pushing people to get in debt

Jun 12, 2013

I have no problem with trying to save people money, but when it come to you telling me how i can and cannot spend my money is my business. I don't need another monthly bill weather it is 100 or 300 dollar a month it is still my money. The company contracted me through the mail and...

Direct Buy / over priced items

May 11, 2013

Everything they offer is over priced. Nothing you look up in the stores around here match, at least nothing that I can afford. The items are big money market items. Things rich people look for and buy. For example. They told me I would be able to buy things out of the places I shop. Like...

DirectBuy Warranty / refund

Apr 25, 2013

Purchased a warranty from Ryan Dunn @ DBW in March 2013 for my brand new car. Read all reviews ahead of time so required DBW to send me an email confirming that if I canceled before a certain date that I would receive 100% of my funds tendered back. I got this email. Text shown below. From...

Beta Finance Direct Buy / rip off of $5000.00 +

Mar 01, 2013

We were sucked in paying $5, 130.00 to Direct Buy Syracuse, NY. First solicited by Direct Buy by phone and mail. Once inside you are burdened with a false sense of security by them telling you that if you don't sign you can't come back. Promising low costs and gifts, none of...

Direct Buy / fraud

Jan 26, 2013

salesman implied we would save a lot of money. made it sound like we were stupid not to buy the membership. we had to take his word that another place would have charged double for the product. Also he said the prices on the flooring included shipping and installation . I went to website...

DirectBuy / direct buy / beta finance... ripping people off

Jan 25, 2013

I bought into Direct Buy after being given a presentation that showed me everything was below cost of everywhere else because it was at manufactures cost. Not so! I have yet to buy anything from there because it is toooooo high! I have tried to get out of my contract and they say I cannot...

Direct Buy / scam

Jan 12, 2013

Direct Buy is a scam! Now I'm stuck paying a bill for $185 per month and I haven't even used the membership. I tried to cancel my membership after I was constantly begged to join and was told that I could not cancel. After talking to another representative later on I was told...

DirectBuy / the whole enchilada


I worked for DirectBuy for over 10 years, in the Midwest, Northeast, Southeast and California. First it was called United Consumer's Club then, UCC Total Home and finally, it's DirectBuy. When I began working for the "club" the 10 year membership was $1500 and today it'...

Direct Buy / gift scam


I received a "Gift" Certificate from Best Buy for a "free" tablet or netbook or blueray or video camera. All I had to do was redeem the "certificate" and send in $39.95. I filled everything out, read the instructions and sent a copy of my drivers license as required and a check for the...

Versa Finance Company / Direct Buy / stealing money from customers


They con you into financing a membership, set the financing up with versa and then tell you it is "none cancelable". This is wrong!!!

Direct Buy Auto Warranty / is a total fraud!!!


I have purchased their policy 4 months ago and recently few things in my BMW started to malfunction. I brought it to the BMW dealership where they ran a diagnostic and determined that my car had an oil leak caused by a broken oil filter housing gasket and my manual gear shift override...

DirectBuy / prize scam


I received a phone call from a marketing agency representing DirectBuy sweepstakes claiming I had won 1 of 4 prizes, one of which was valued at $50K, and had also been guaranteed two airline tickets to anywhere in the US and a $100 dining gift card. I followed through with the offer, and...

Direct Buy Pickering / long waiting time, unrealistic shipping cost.. irresponsible customer service


Direct Buy / Asley Furnuture. Long waiting time, unrealistic shipping cost. . Irresponsible customer service For $300 item shipping cast is over $350. We ordered a Storage bed for $300 through Direct Buy website. The manufacture is Ashley Furnuture. At the end with shipping handling, duty...

DirectBuy / deceptive advertising


DirectBuy is committing fraud through deceptive advertising. Thier advertisement indicated that we were to receive a New 7” Tablet complete with Android O/S, Camera and Wifi as well as receive a $100 or $200 Restaurant Dining Card (Valid at Many Area Restaurants). On Sunday, March...

DirectBuy of Fort mill / rip off


directbuy of fort mill specializes in high pressure sales tactics, and will do or say anything to get a person to sign up, cost is $5000, then after 3yrs its $190, they say, (ben martin franchise owner), that they are bbb Accredited, and are not at all. ben will lie through his teeth...

DirectBuy / scam


They are a new low on the human species chain. Ask yourself why there are so many complaints about them. There is no customer service. We joined and never bought a thing because they are triple the price of Lowes Charged us $3500.00 membership dues. How ridiculous in this age of the...

DirectBuy / returning items


NEVER sign up for this corrupt company! We were foolish enough to think that we were building a new home so it would be a great savings - wrong! My first encounter with them was to order my plumbing fixtures and doors - the plumbing fixtures all came in (eventually with a back order and...

Direct Buy - Richmond, Virginia / open house


We attended an open house at Direct Buy today. We were promised several gifts for listening to the presentation. The woman who called herself the owner made a professional presentation and we were impressed with the products and service. But, when we were told of the very expensive...

DirectBuy / aggressive client recruiting and sudden store closure


After a very convincing sales speech at one of the exclusive scheduled personalized visits to the show room my wife and I decided to join the club mainly because we just moved to the city and were planning to spend some time and money on furniture and home remodeling. The store asked for...

Direct Buy / franchise closes!


In September of 2011, I received an email informing me that Direct Buy of Fairfield County had lost their franchise after only 6 months after signing up and paying the $5000. They "graciously" offered to transfer our membership to a club that was more than an hour from our house. My wife...

Direct Buy / harassing phone calls


Direct Buy is dangerous. If you make the mistake of letting these clowns get your phone #!!! They will NOT quit calling you even after you have CLEARLY, and LOUDLY voiced the fact that you are NOT interested in doing business with people like them. In addition they flood your mailbox with...

Direct Buy of Columbia. sc 29229 / ultimate scam


I had already filed one complaint. I just went to reread it and it is gone. Complaint #2 My husband and I went to Direct Buy ust for our try at a $50, 000. home make over. Of course my very own special Gold key was not specail at all. I had to reach into a huge glass door to get it. Our...