Zulily / everything was wrong

Indianapolis, IN, United States

Do not order from this website, especially if you intend to buy a lot of items.
Let me begin with the small bit of positive I have to say: All but one item out of 19 fit me. That's it. That's all I've got. I received 6 shirts that, while lovely, I will only wear when I have the time to hand wash them despite their being advertised as machine wash. I received one shirt that has no tag so add that in to the hand wash only too. I received a pair of jeans advertised as skinny but that are actually boot cut, a pair of flats so poorly made that you can see my toes when I walk, a necklace advertised to be rose gold but is actually yellow gold, a dress that is advertised beautifully but actually has a slit up to my crotch and slits on the sides of my breasts so it will have to be altered to be decent to wear, and worst of all a coat that was just completely the WRONG coat, as in not the coat I ordered at all it doesn't even resemble it.
The very worst part is that I still have a couple of items on the way. My entire order was due to arrive on 9/1/14 about two weeks after I sent in the order, but most items have arrived well after that date and it is 9/10 and I am still missing some.
When all of this was brought to the attention of customer service they said they could not send me the coat I ordered because they don't have it, and gave me a measly $10 credit for their website, as if I would order anything else from them.

Sep 10, 2014

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