Zara Uknon receipt of goods/not offered compensation

I placed an order with last month for Christmas as I generally have done so many times before. I paid for express delivery because I wanted to guarantee the arrival of the goods before Christmas. I was first sent an email from Aramex, then an email from Zara [protected]) to confirm the delivery time which I replied to, as I was going away for the Christmas. Following that Zara sent me an order confirmation for both orders, then one from DPD with a time on it, with only half the order included. I then received another email with a goodwill gesture offering me back my delivery fee. I thought this was because of an error with the previous message showing only half my order. I then received a time slot so I assumed this was the delivery time and decided I would wait patiently. I then received an email first thing in the morning which I believe stated that the delivery date is going to be 19-12-2014, so I didn’t think I needed to be in the house, although I was in the house throughout the day and never saw any delivery guy, nor did I hear the bell ring. I then received an email that evening with the other half of my order stating that it will be arriving the following day [protected]). I thought nothing of it and planned to stay at home to wait for my delivery as planned. I then received an email from DPD again stating that the order is due for delivery for Friday 19th December but no delivery slot was given, that was followed up by an email from Zara to state that the tracking information could be used. I used it to track and I couldn’t see a delivery time. I then received an email that night, still no goods, but to offer another good will gesture. Obviously I was overjoyed and I didn’t complain. The next morning I received another email from DPD to state what the delivery time will be and I waited in my house. I left as soon as the delivery time was up because I had other plans and I attempted to call DPD. I was on hold for ages so I decided I will call in the morning. When I called in the morning no one answered. I then called Zara but they were closed. On Monday I got through to DPD they said I needed a tracking number and the one I gave them was not matching, they said they couldn’t locate me through my name, so I hung up. I got straight on the phone to Zara and this is where the drama unfolded. I spoke to someone who told me that the delivery had been signed by a K Browne and a Z Browne. They also asked me if I know who these people are and I kept re-iterating that I waited at the delivery time and no one showed. They then informed me that they were going to investigate. All up until the new year I still had no explanation, items or the courtesy of someone calling me back, even though they (at Zara) kept saying they will call me back. When I was called back I was told that this will be investigated and I will get a call back within 48 hours. When I did get a call back, I think this was around the beginning of January 2015, I was told that Aramex will be investigating and I was given an explanation that I will get a call. On the 2nd of January (Friday), someone came to ask me to sign a bit of paper and print my name to “match the signature given at delivery”. I had a short conversation with the guy (Noureddine from DPD) and he mentioned that a white lady had taken my parcel, he also mentioned that he has delivered to me before in the past, which is accurate and I have also seen him before when delivering other items to me and even neighbours. I signed and printed my name as requested then got straight on the phone to Zara. I spoke to a lady [protected]) who kept me on hold then informed me that the signature that I gave was to confirm receipt of my delivery and that nothing more can be done after this. I was furious and I contacted Aramex to ask them what the issue was and why did the delivery driver lie and say that my items were delivered. I know for a fact I didn’t say anything of the sort so I was very upset by this. I was then told by Zara to give them another 2 days. On Monday [protected]) I was given the run around for a few days so I decided I was going to chase this myself as the updates from head office were unhelpful and not really giving any information. Aramex told me that someone is going to interview the driver as my item was apparently delivered to a neighbour. I know this information was not correct because Zara didn’t tell me this in the first place. I waited for them to call me back and they re-confirmed that the signature I gave was confirming delivery and they will contact Zara for an invoice, still not really providing me with information. I then contacted DPD and was told that the delivery driver is going to be interviewed only when an investigation has been raised (this was on or around 6-1-2015). I then called back Zara and on Friday (9th January 2014) and was told that the investigation was now closed because I signed to confirm delivery and I will not be getting a refund. I asked the lady to contact head office and inform them, again, what was said to me regarding this signature and the lady on the phone put me on hold for ages before coming back on and stating that a new person called Bilal will be dealing with it and that a decision will be made on Monday [protected]). I called back on Monday for an update and I was told that nothing has changed and that I will need to give another 48 hours and I wasn’t given a reason or explanation. As you can imagine I am now frustrated and I don’t know what to do with regards to my money back. I have seen the delivery driver myself and spoke to him about the signature and he said that he never told his company that I confirmed delivery. I then called DPD myself and been told that they have not come to collect a signature for confirmation of delivery and that it was to match the one shown in the parcel after days of Zara and Aramex telling me something different. I do not know why now, today another 48 hours DPD are investigating when this has been going on for almost month. Now I am on the phone to Zara and a lady is saying to me that she has been told that DPD are adamant that the package was delivered to the correct address, baring in mind that I have been told that it was delivered to a neighbor, now apparently I am being told that DPD are adamant that there was no incorrect address.

I was advised by a CSA to lodge a complaint and then I was called back saying that I will get my refund with no compensation after all the stress i have been through. I will never ever buy from Zara again in my life. Furious!!!

Jan 23, 2015

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