Zarashort changed at sales counter

My teenage daughter bought some clothing on boxing day in Zara WR Leeds. Her gift card was not enough to cover payment so she handed over a £20 note which her grandmother had just given her. The salesperson gave her cahnge from a £10.
This was queried immediatley however the salesperson refused to do anything. My daughter was then embarresd by the scene created in front of other customers as staff refused to give their names or the name of the manager.
A complaint was logged on line however a standard reply that was not relevant came back. I have also complained on twitter without success. I eventually managed to contact the store manager who said she would investigate and come back to me. I am still waiting however a £10 note has arrived today with a scribbled apology on a small business card.
This was a very upsetting incident for my daughter who loves Zara fashon an it makes up a large percentage of her wardrobe. The attitude of the staff was appaling and they made her feel like she was lying.

Dec 30, 2014

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