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Hello there, im messaging you from bahrain
I would like to bring this issue to your concern hoping that you could resolve it, just FYI its also on some of our social media news.. please do see the attached screenshot.

As muslims we are not allowed to look at ladies that are uncoverd or dressed in a inappropriate manner such as the ads that are recently appearing on youtube videos and this matter is troubling us and our kids from watching, please do look into it.

Thankyou .


Sep 25, 2018
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  • An
      Sep 25, 2018

    Go f yourself and your barbaric religion. Stay off youtube then. Why should the world change for you?

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  • Zs
      Sep 26, 2018

    No disrespect to you sir but could you please help me (and millions of others) to understand why is it that your Muslim religion considers it inappropriate or evil for you or your children to even glance at the arms, legs, neck, or any other commonly exposed body part of the average everyday respectable American woman in normal american clothes, yet its perfectly ok to chop off their heads if they do not convert to your religion.
    But it is perfectly ok to force a child as young as 9 years old to marry and have sex with?
    And why on earth would you think it’s perfectly ok to publicly shame a women by forcing her to dress up like a big butt burrito all wrapped up in a black sheet & ordered to cover her eyes as if it is somehow being respectable?
    And you’re offended?

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