YouTube / selling of guns, altering guns from the manufacturer official assembly

Vermin hunters TV run by Si Pitta Way which is advertised and shown on a daily basis through YouTube is being used to advertise a company in the West Midlands named Sandwell Field Sports.

Si Pitta Way is advertising the selling and prices of guns on a regular basis as well as informing the public that Sandwell Field Sports can alter your gun from the manufactures official assembly and power so that your gun has more than the legal power requirement.

Due to the amount of terrorism throughout the UK and other parts of the world as well as the high crime rates and killing throughout using dangerous weapons being guns I find it inappropriate that YouTube would allow the above to be screed and advertised.

This is only encouraging people to purchase guns and encouraging people to have there guns modified which is far from acceptable.

I strongly believe that this should not be allowed to continue on YouTube as advertising the prices of guns as well as advertising the company that will modify your gun is a recipe for disaster and only encourages people into crimes.

I'm therefore requesting that Vermin hunters TV stop advertising the prices of guns and the modification of guns through YouTube

Jun 07, 2018

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