Youtube / removal/ miscounting of views

Australian Ext. Territory

On the video [M/V] NU'EST W(뉴이스트 W) - WHERE YOU AT

The view counting system has been absolutely terrible. The video had over 3 million views and within a few hours views have been removed back down to 2.9 M the fans have been working hard to show support to the artist yet the hard work is been dismissed not to mention the freezing of the views prior for 20 hours for only a small percentage of views during that time to be counted. Please fix this and prevent this from happening in the future. The views are really important to us fans so thank you in advance.

  • Updated by 🔍Army41if3🔎, Oct 14, 2017

    UPDATE The views decreased to 2.8 Mill now, Please can this be fixed!

Oct 14, 2017

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