YouTube / ads in quran videos

Dear sir or madam
I noticed this year that many Quran recitation videos contained ads that interrupt the recitations.

Quranic recitation should flow uninterrupted especially not with music or songs that are totally out of character with the purpose of listening to Quran being recited.

I understand that the poster of those videos have chosen to monetise them, but there is a moral responsibility by your platform to observe for that as they do not actually own the voices in those videos.

Therefore I suggest that you do not accept monetisation with ads for Quranic recitation videos as you will not achieve the purpose from putting ads to the audience of such videos, as they'd want to skip them.

I hope you take my request seriously and would be an excellent gesture if you do that in the current blessed days of Ramadhan.
Thank you
Emad Al-Rikabi
YouTube user

Jun 03, 2018

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