YMCA / depsoit not returned

Columbus, OH, United States

My name is Noah Buell and I am very angry with the YMCA residential service I recieved in Columbus, Ohio. I lived their for about 6 months, I gave them them a 30 day notice when I found another place to live, I gave them their keys back on the day before the last day of the 30th day. They said they would send my deposit to me in a few weeks, now its over a few months, I stop in and they say I didnt turn my keys in, when actually I did, because while the lady was puttin my keys back I had to fill out a dumb survey about my stay, and the only reason I would be behind the desk to do a survey isIF I WAS TURNING IN MY KEYS! I can't believe this, if they think that I am a crackhead like their normal clients then they are sadly mistaken, I want my deposit. They don't want to check the security tapes either which will prove my claim.

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