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Yes Communities / will not return calls, do not follow through with problems.

1 5434 Vista Run DrSan Antonio, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 2106162080

I purchased a mobile home in Creston Rldge Community, San Antonio, Tx on Judson Rd, I have had nothing but nightmares since day one. When it was purchased there conveniently were men working inside installing fridge, oven, etc, I was told at the onset of the sale they would install skirting which has yet to be done (it's been 5 months) and everytime I inquire about when it's going to be done, there is always an excuse. At the beginning it was all the rain which is understandable but that has been 8 weeks ago and no rain since. There were leaks from the roof which one was a skylight which wasn't even secured but flapping in the wind. I had to pay for someone to fix it. There have been numerous problems with fixtures leaking or not working properly. I have called numerous times since the beginning to speak with someone at the office. The sales woman has been the only one I've been able to contact and that's after I have had to call dozens of times before ever getting an answer or bothering to call me back. I was informed the place was under a SIXTY DAY WARRANTY. How ridiculous is that??? I had called well before those sixty days were up but yet no one cares what your problem is. Now, due to a leak which hasn't been determined where it is coming from is a closet full of black mold in the kitchen, . I have had health problems and my boyfriend has cancer, my daughter who is currently living there also has health issues. Yesterday I was able to get over to their office to discuss all these problems with the sales lady as the so-called manager was not available to talk although she was in the office. I told the sales lady I wanted someone over there to check the leak which is obvious (water on the floor under the fridge which is next to the cabinet with mold). She sent their maintenance guy to check, He said is from coming from the roof which would mean my problem but how do you get water on the floor from the roof when there has not been a drop of rain in 8 weeks. He looked at it and said he would be back this morning as he had to "sleep on it". He never showed up. I have since called them 3 more times leaving messages but yet no one can return the call. I have been had. I don't know who the company is that ultimately owns YES Communities but no doubt they would turn their back on me as well. How was I able to check the place out when they managed to have a crew working there. I couldn't!! I am fed up with the way I have been treated and the fact that no one gives a damn. Two more calls today to the manager but still she will not return the call. I want some answers and they better be pretty quick because I have been shoved and pushed away from your staff long enough. There are serious issues here, the main one being BLACK MOLD, THAT is NOT something to mess around with. What kind of staff do you have there anyway? They are totally useless and really do not care about one person living in that area. I have other options other than writing you which I would rather not have to pursue but if these keeps on, I will have no choice. I was also told the skirting may not be able to be done for ANOTHER 2 months. How much do you want to bet it won't be done then either. Your company needs to do some heavy investigating on the part of who you hire. This is not a game. I paid $50, 000.00 for that DUMP. Do you have the decency to contact me cause your staff sure doesn't. If you want further proof, I will have my daughter to send pictures of the BLACK MOLD.

I was handed a business card yesterday for Alexis Brooks who is the manager. I called that number and left several messages. I have just received a call back from the number which was imprinted on her "business card" That number does not even belong to Alexis Brooks. I want to know what on earth is going on here anyway. The sales lady, Dina, who has an office on the property is the person who gave me and a friend who was with me her card. (The one supposedly being Alexis Brooks' number.

Please contact me as soon as possible. My name is Lisby (Jann) Coleman, [protected]. This is a dire emergenncy

Jul 30, 2015

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