Yanwen / quadcopter gps positioning smart returning 1080p aerial photography wifi transmission remote control drone hd body design price: us $100.12 / piece

4A, Assembly Lane, Mauritius

Hi there,

Would appreciate very much if you could help with tracking my order. It's been in transit for quite a while and can't trace it.

2019.01.05 23:48 (gmt-7): initial item information received
2019.01.04 22:57 (gmt-7): despatched from yanwen sorting center.
2019.01.04 20:57 (gmt-7): process completed in yanwen sorting center.
2019.01.04 16:35 (gmt-7): yanwen acceptance.
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Special line-yw vr040543708yp
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Us $ 104.79 us $ 104.79 credit card [protected]:56
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Special line-yw

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Feb 11, 2019

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