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We got a yamaha motorcycle (dau branch), so we have it fully paid last november 2009, so they ask us to get the or/cr in a couple of days.. Now its already february 2010 and still they have not yet issued the said or/cr.. And the worst part is we cannot renew the registration of the motorcycle because we need these documents. When they were chasing payment they are quite active in pursuing us,, and if payment is delayed they will automatically slap penalty.. Now in getting our rights on the or/cr (because we have already settled in full our debts) they keep on asking us to comeback at another time for more than 2months now!! Where is the justice here!!!

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  • Na
      24th of Feb, 2011

    it is a very common complain. so i agree with it. one more thing id like to say. they pose it on their leaflets the amount of only the down payment for their units. not until you get to talk to their c.i. then he'l tel you to make an advance payments to be added to your down payment made if in case you get approved by them.

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  • Ch
      8th of Jan, 2012

    I have similar situation here. I purchased a motorcycle from Norkis Tacloban and they still cannot provide me the OR after several months since I requested for it. I have read a lot of similar complaints from the web so I conclude that it is indeed a "very common complain". So it seems that it is part of their company Mission Vision, to fool and profit illegally from their costumers. The company cannot provide the proper documentation of their products because they are hiding something- something that will put them in trouble.

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  • Eu
      30th of Jun, 2013

    They refuse to give me the OT that I pad for at the last registration. Also, when I finally got my contract papers after one and a half years of requesting them. I read on the notarized document that the interest rate was 18% of the unpaid balance. When they set up the repayment schedule based on 36 months, I reversed their payments and found out that they were actually charging me 47% interest and they also charged me inbterest on my downpayment. Of course all the docouments were blank when my wife signed. I am currenntly getting ready to file DTI and Banco Sentral complaints for violating the contracts and other things which if I mentioned I am sure they would try and charge me with slander.

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