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Shortly after buying a new GM product I received a letter from XM Radio's executive vice president STEPHEN R. COOK that I would be receiving 1 year of service ( satellite radio ).

A few weeks later XM Radio turned off my service.

When I called the company to find out what was wrong, I was told the service would be restarted no later than the next day. That was 9 months ago and I still can not get them to restore my service.

After 4 letters from the B.B.B. they wrote the B.B.B back stating the service was restored and that they had talked to me about restoring my service.

This was a callous lie on the part of XM Radios employee Joan Hummons (Executive Consumer Affairs) to tell the B.B.B. that the company had talked to me and the matter was resolved.

In a time when American car companies are struggling to keep their market share, that they would associate themselves with a company with so little regard for customers.

I can only encourage American car companies to follow the lead of some imports and dump the pay to listen satellite radio companies and go HD

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  •   Jun 26, 2008
    XM Satellite Radio - Unapproved charges
    XM Satellite Radio
    United States

    After calling to activate my XM radio and not given an option at all on how the bills would be set up, I was shocked 3 days later to see that they had charged $322.97 to my bank account. I immediately called and asked why when you activate on the phone that there is no option to set up your billing, I was told that you are charged for 2 years worth of service and you have to call in to change it to a Quarterly, Annually, etc. When asked why they did not make that clear anywhere I was met with silence. I was told that I would receive a credit for $273.48 within 24-72 hours after the phone call.

    6 Days later, and no credit to my bank account I returned a call to XM Radio, with no explanation as to why I had not received a credit they explained that they would reissue the credit of $233.00. When asked why the refund was so much less then it was 6 days before I was again met with silence. I still question why in my 3 weeks of XM activation I have been charged $99.00. No one seems to have an answer. So I will again wait up to 3 days for a refund. I am anxious to see if any refund will show, or if I will again have to make a call to the speechless customer care that is XM Radio.

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  • Da
      Jul 30, 2008

    XM is pathetic. Nice Concept and product. But they play billing games as well as games with customer service. You can't cancel or get any money back. Consult your bank and dispute the charge or you will spend well over an hour on the phone for nothing... they tell you 72 hours and you will be credited... then nothing! It is a total nightmare and you will regret ever allowing them to charge your account.

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  • De
      Oct 11, 2008
    XM Satellite Radio - Incorrect Billing
    United States

    On July 2, 2017 I called to cancel my XM Satellite Radio service - Account 1-[protected] because I was not using it or listening to it. The person on the other end of the phone did not want me to cancel my service and offered me a 3 month service for FREE. I was told at the time that I was not on a contract and I was to call with any changes. I asked if I needed to do anything if I did not want to continue the service at the end of the 3 months and I was told no, nothing. I have received an invoice for the FREE 3 months service. I am not paying it and I want the service shut off in my car. My radio ID number is N73L10WQ.

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  • We
      Jan 24, 2009

    One big problem with XM Satellite radio is that new entries (including errors) by a rep end up carved in stone. Earlier this month I ordered an ExpressR receiver, an XM Sound System and a 12-month XM Everything service which I was told by the rep who wrote me up was the only available option. I got the radio gear and the12-month service agreement was also mentioned on the invoice. But when I set up online account access I discovered that I'm only credited with 1 month prepaid service. I called their number and another rep confirmed that this is all I'm credited for and after I read him what the invoice said he promised to clear up the discrepancy. I log on every day since and nothing has been resolved. The records still show only 1 month. One rep extended the call at the expense of more cell phone minutes doing and endless repetition of a hard sell of a "lifetime agreement", in complete self-denial of the fact that offering the customer more services costing more money is bad manners with customers who are calling to make a complaint. It's more likely that we're in the opinion that what we've already paid for shows signs of having been a waste of money. One other minor issue is that, despite one or two buttons on the unit and the remote that have more than one function, there's nothing in the user's guide for the tuner that says how you switch it from one to the other, but that's just a bee sting compared to account errors and what they can cost a customer in money, phone time, and (oh yeah) his own time.

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  • Ex
      Apr 02, 2010
    XM Satellite Radio - Fraudulant Business Practices
    XM Satellite Radio
    United States

    In 2017, I bought a new car and paid extra to have an XM radio installed, and paid for a 1-year subscription. About a month later, I rented a car for a weekend trip. The rental car had an XM radio- but it wasn't activated. I thought- well I'm an XM subscriber, so I can just pay to have this activated temporarily. It was a long drive through nowhere, and I was so far happy with my XM experience so I didn't mind paying a little bit to have satellite radio to help pass the time. The sales rep on the phone informed me that the minimum time period was 1 month, for about 13.99. Sounded a bit high, but what the heck I thought. No less than 4 times, however, I asked the rep this question: "You are sure that it will only be activated for ONE month" "This is only for ONE MONTH, right?" etc. etc. Every time he assured me it was. Fast forward about a year. I informed my wife (who does our bills) that my XM radio annual fee should renew in the next month or so (so she could expect it on the credit card statement). She said- what do you mean- we are paying every month. What? I went and looked- lo and behold this 13.95 fee had been billed every single month since my road trip (in addition to some $28 activation fee!).

    No problem I thought. This is an obvious mistake and I'm a happy customer about to renew my service. Wow was I wrong. The XM rep would not refund a nickel. At least the rep was friendly (I could tell she felt bad about it). The supervisor was a professional thief. She went on and on about their terms of service. She took ZERO responsibility for the claims of her sales rep. Now you could say - well maybe I was just making it up. But I rented the car for a WEEKEND it is completely unreasonable that I would subscribe to XM for a year in a car I had just for a weekend. Her response- how do I know you only rented the car for the weekend? Really? Well I can show you the receipt. "Our terms of service..." it went around like that. ZERO responsibility on the side XM. I refuse to do business with companies whose business models are based on ripping people off- and clearly this was the case here. So I canceled my service. I then complained to my credit card company, who was willing to go back only 3 months and charge back those charges to XM. Today I got 2 pieces of mail- an offer trying to get me to reactivate my account, and a bill for the reversed 3 months charges (without any explanation what the bill is for- it just says 'previous balance'). I refuse to pay for a service I did not ask for and did not use. This company has a business model based on fraud and they can't ever bend their "rules" because once they do their house of cards will collapse.

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