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XM radio / Billing after cancellation

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We've had XM radio service in my wife's car since March 2005. She liked the service so much that she set up automatic renewal on a credit card each year. We never really paid any attention to the billing statement until this past June (2010) when the statement indicated that they could not bill the credit card on file because it had expired. We decided to scrutinize the bill closely and realized XM had begun charging a "music royalty fee", something we hadn't noticed in the past...of course, this was our fault. I contacted XM's listener care dept about the charge and was told it could not be waived. My wife decided she no longer wanted XM service so we politely canceled.

Within a week we received another bill from XM, which we disregarded because we had canceled the service earlier and determined that this bill may have been generated before the cancellation could take affect or maybe XM was giving us another chance to change our minds. In the meantime XM still had not turned off service to our radio. A third bill arrived about a month later showing an adjustment (credit) on our account but also an outstanding balance of $69.09. I contacted XM again and explained to the foriegn accented person that we had canceled the service in June. The person explained that service to our radio was still being provided and that we were responsible for paying for that service. I told them I was not paying for something I had canceled and that I had no control over when THEY turned off that service. The foreign XM rep indicated agreement and said they would dismiss the outstanding balance. Service to the XM radio finally quit in late august.

Sept 15, 2010 - A fourth bill arrived with the same $69.09 balance. We again contacted XM listener care dept and spoke to "Marie" who passed us on to "Monica" in the retention dept. Monica was very understanding and apologetic and promptly agreed to dismiss the 69.09 balance and told us to disregard any further bills.

Dec 23, 2010 (Today) - I received a call from a person indicating that they worked for a collection agency which had been hired by XM to collect the $73.49 outstanding balance I owed (not sure were the extra $4.40 came from). I explained to the caller that this had been resolved several months ago and that XM had agreed to dismiss the remaining balance. She indicated that the balance had NOT been dismissed and expected payment NOW. I had no details handy of the conversations we'd had with XM previously but explained that the service had been canceled in June and that I was not paying her or XM anything.

I, AGAIN, contacted XM listener care and spoke to "Angel", another person with a thick foreign accent. I explained everything once again and after being placed on hold for 20 minutes while she "looked up my account" was told that there was nothing she could do. I asked to speak to her supervisor and was placed on hold for another 15-20 minutes. When "Angel" came back on the phone I was told that the supervisor was not available to speak but said there was nothing they could do. Again, I insisted on speaking to someone who could resolve this issue and again I sat on hold for 15-20 minutes. Miraculously, when "Angel" came back on the phone she indicated that they had resolved everything; the outstanding balance, the collection calls, etc...

Based on what I've read on this site while sitting on hold waiting for her to get back to me...I have no doubt that "Angel" told me everything has been taken care of just to get rid of me and I'll continue to receive calls collectors and/or bills until I finally pay...maybe even after!

The truth is...we like satellite radio and have had no complaints about what we received for our subscription. Driving coast-to-coast knowing you don't have to search for something to listen to is great! But after the way XM handled this simple cancellation I'll never go back to them. BTW...I have Sirius service in my other vehicle and when it's subscription is up I will cancel it as well! Hopefully I wont have the same problems then...but I'm not counting on it!

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  • Pm
      11th of Jan, 2011
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    This complaint sounds somewhat familiar. We had XM with our new Chevy vehicle at an introductory rate for three months. Prior to the expiration of service, a representative from XM contacted my wife to extend our service at the regular price. We did occassionally use XM service but we were not interested in renewing it. The service representative offered a 6 month contract for $4.99 a month. My wife agreed that this was pretty reasonable but she still didn't want to be bothered with the hassle of cancelling the service in 6 months. The customer representative assured her that we would not have to do anything if we no longer wanted the service after 6 months. The service expired and we received notices to renew it but did nothing because we no longer wanted the service at a much higher cost. XM continued to provide the service for about another month before shutting it off and then sent us a bill for the additional month. I called to contest the bill saying that we no longer wanted the service but I was told by the second service representative that I spoke to that XM policy requires customers to cancel service directly after the service contract is up. The reason she provided is that they do not want to shut off service to people who merely submit bills late. I told her that I didn't want the service and would not pay for it. She said that she was not authorized to remove the charge. Her supervisor was put on after a short wait. He said that a customer service representative would not have told my wife to allow the contract to lapse without calling to cancel because it is against XM policy and could lead to termination, as calls are tape recorded. In his words, "Its not that I am accussing you of lying"...(he was). He also could not understand why I wouldn't want to pay the bill at 6 times the rate of our previous contract after XM continued to provide us service. I asked why he would assume that I still wanted service if I didn't renew it. He then compared XM to utilities such as phone service and power, which are not immediately cut off if customers do not submit payments on time. This was a bit arrogant and I told him XM service hardly compared to utility service in regards to providing heat, power for medical devices, or ability to contact emergency responders. He continually became more belligerent and I asked him to review the taped call between my wife and the customer service representative that contacted her. He said a ticket would be submitted. However, I have very little doubt that I will not hear back if and when the tape confirms my wife's version of what was said and the bill will probably be submitted to collections. Of all the subscriber services I have used over the years, I have never dealt with one so rude or unwilling to wave an unauthorized service charge. If you use XM, document all phone conversations and be very wary...

  • Ri
      10th of May, 2012
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    I received an XM Radio a number of years ago as a gift at Christmas. I enjoyed the choice of music, and even put one in to my wifes csar, and put it on my computer as well. My COMPLAINT is not with the content, but with the administrative problems caused by totally inept staff at XM Radio Once they, (and others) began helping themselves to my credit card, I stiopped using the card, and e xpected to be contacted properly by them, when money was due. These fools stopped the usage of their service in my car, and when I phoned, was told top send them $158.75. I did so, they did not renew my vehicle service, but instead cut the service to my wifes car, and the compuiter. No proper phone calls...nothing...I phoned thgem, and wasd told that they had not received m, y check and it woulfd cost $400 (thats right $400 to re-store services. At that point, IO told the gentleman with whom I was speaking, to STOP ALL SERVICES. CANCEL iT ALL.. It gets better...Today, they cashed my check for $158.75, I phojned and was told that they would start MY VEHICLE service again, . at which time I explained very slowly so he wouldm understand, that they were tol;d to CANCEL all service, due to theior collection practices and price and wasn told thatm my checkl would be refunded in between SIX TO EIGHT WEEKS. I am prepared to take these jokerds to court.. DO NOT DEAL WITH XM RADIO .

  • Aa
      18th of May, 2012
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    I got my bill sent to collections but XM never bothered to send the bill to me first. XM claims that they sent me the bill. Now my credit is going to be ruined over $32.27 which I don't owe. I will lodge complaints with the BBB and the FTC.

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