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Xfinity tells you they have the best costomer service and will fix your problem or will give you a credit on your next bill. SO full of Crap they are on that. I have had this stupid cable w xfinity now for a year and my ondemand feature NEVER hardly works. It freezes up and then never lets you back in. You try to reboot and sometimes you get lucky but 9 times out of 10 you have to wait for xfinity to fix it which takes hours or days depending on there techs if you can reach one you can understand that is. We have had nothing but hassels and missed shows due to this stupid xfinity. It was a hell of a lot better when comcast had control in my opinion.

Xfinity has done nothing to help w complaints consumers have and have done NOTHING to solve there so called NATION WIDE ON Demand problem. What they hell are we paying them all this money for if they can’t even get things working properly after almost a year now. As soon as my contract is up Im canceling due to extremly POOR customer service and because they NEVER solve any problems and still make you pay FULL price every month. WHAT A RIP OFF Xfinity is.

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      18th of Sep, 2013
    Xfinity - worst ever
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    Xfinity is the worst
    Xfinity has been the worst experience with a cable service I have ever had!! I called and canceled my service on june 24th because I was moving. I went to turn in my equipment on july 16th because I left for a out of state wedding at the first of the month and it was a 30-40 min drive to where I had to drop the equipment off. When I went to drop off the equipment I was sent to an old address by the lady I talked to on the 24th of june, so I had to call twice to get the new address because it wasn't online anywhere. Once I arrived I waited for 45min before I even got to talk to anyone about the equipment I returned. When I was returning the equipment they tried to tell me I was missing equipment. I received an extra modem from the installer but it just sat in a box in the closet. When we finally got that settled about me having the right equipment I asked the lady about my refund and I explained to her that I called on june 24th and disconnected it. She said she fixed it and my refund should come in 2-3 weeks. I left the state again to go spend three weeks with my husband before he was shipped overseas and while I was there xfinnity billed me for another month of service and took it out of my account. When I finally got home xfinity had already billed me for two months of extra service. On aug 27th I received a letter in the mail stating that my service has just been disconnected. I was furious!! I called xfinity and was on the phone for 2+ hours and 70% of that time I was on hold!!! I finally got it resolved and received a conformation number and was told I should here something back within 1-2 weeks. I received a check on sept 16th for the amount of 60$, I was supposed to receive over 300$!! I called on sept 17th to find out where the rest of the balance is and if I should cash this check. I called four times and couldn't get through, the machine said it was unable to receive my call. I waited 24hrs and called on sept18th I was on hold for 20+min and the lady I talked to said that she couldn't give me a refund fro back in june because they have no record of me cancelling my service. I informed the lady that that had already been taken care of and I have a conformation number, I just need to know if there is another check on the way and if I need to cash this one. She said she had to transfer me to a different department. I was transferred and explained to that lady what was going on and she said that I am in the wrong department and I need to go back to billing, so I was transferred again and sat on hold for 10+ min before my call was disconnected!! So I called again for billing explained what was going on again and he said that it was being "ticketed" whatever that means and somebody should call within the next 72 hrs and if not to call back!! I have dealt with this way toooo long for something that is their fault!! They billed me twice for something I didn't have tried to charge me for equipment I never received and tried telling me I didn't cut off my service when I did because they had no record of me requesting a cut off and now they owe me $300+ and they are giving me the run around!!! How was I supposed to know they didn't cut the service off when I called. After I got off the phone with them in june I unplugged everything and packed it!!! Never ever again will I use xfinity!!! Ever!!!

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