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Xbox 360 / microsoft fails customers

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Two weeks ago our Xbox 360 quit working. My son said the picture went all funny, and then the video output just quit worked. Now, when we turn on the xbox 360 the screen is black, with little white dots. The sound works, but no picture.

Our xbox 360's warranty expired in November of last year. However, technically we are only out of warranty a month and a half since it was a Christmas present.

Since this is a known hardware issue, one which has plagued many, many xbox 360 gamers, we contacted the xbox 360 support line. We were informed that because we were out of warranty we'd have to pay over $140, or around $123 if we did an online repair request.

The only way we would be able to get an extended warranty is if we had the three ring of death. So, despite the fact that Microsoft knows about the no video output issue, they refuse to fix it and still continue to sell defective products.

I was told that there was no way for them to fix it for free, which is a complete lie on their part. Most companies, if they have such a wide spread issue, recall their defective products and offer refunds. But, Microsoft continues to siphon money out of their consumers with little or no warning about their product.

So not only did we pay $299 for a product of theirs, they expect us to pay to get a defective product fixed. The supervisor that I spoke with continued to insist there was nothing they could do, but having worked at call centers before I know for a fact anything is possible. They even refused to give a complaint line, which goes to show exactly how many complaints they actually get.

We have been a long time microsoft user. We've used many microsoft computer products, along with the original xbox. The original xbox worked fine for over 5 years and is still running good. Yet, within 13 1/2 months of using the xbox 360, it has already broken down.

We refuse to buy anymore microsoft products, not only because of the 360, but because of their lack of concern and care for their loyal customers. We deserve more.

I am lodging a formal complaint not only here, but at the better business bureau as well. Microsoft needs to get their heads out of the sand and do something.

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  • Co
      6th of Mar, 2009
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    I also am filing a complaint against Xbox 360. This will be my fourth Xbox 360. The first two I took back to the store due to red ring. The other one the output stopped working and I sent it in 11-1-08. When it came back it lasted 5 months then it shuts off by its self. Microsoft says I need to pay them over a hundred dollars to get it fixed. Microsoft must be such a big company that they don't care about a little customer like me. They're con-artists that build trash, sell trash, then when the trash breaks they make you pay to fix it so it can break again. I feel more ignorant for even buying an Microsoft Xbox 360.

  • Li
      23rd of Mar, 2009
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    I am from Mexico City and bought my 360. As usual, I had the ring of the dead, and tried to make valid my warranty with no result. The warranty was lost about two weeks before that. I had to pay 1, 500 pesos to make an extent of the warranty, but refused to. I took my console to a popular kind of "flea market" and had it fixed there. The fix was worth 700 pesos (less than 50%) and I had the chip installed (of course I was banned from xbox live).
    So I now use that xbox for playing my pirate games. I bought and xbox 360 elite for original games, but i am not willing to take risks: every 6 six months, no matter what, I ask for a "new" one. This way I assure a working xbox, even if the one I sent was working. I recommend that to you, if they won´t listen to complaints, I'll make them spend a lot of money asking for a new one often.
    By the way, I prefer PS3: They will not charge you for online playing...
    They will not make you buy a wi-fi adaptor! They will not sell you a piece of crap!

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