Advanced Booting Services Complaints & Reviews

Advanced Booting / parking - putting boot

Oct 03, 2019

Advanced BootingI had parked in Lot 85, near GSU, When I came back, my car was booted. I was forced wait more than one hour and to pay $75. I had paid for the parking and as required, I had placed the parking ticket on the dashboard. I came back an hour later to pick something from the car. At that time...

Advanced Booting / They wanted to get money from me; therefore they have sent this useless letter

Oct 23, 2015

I have parked my car near the building, and there was no sign that the parking was prohibited. But couple of weeks ago I got the letter from Advanced Booting. They informed me that I would get the bill for the parking, because I have parked in prohibited place. I took different photos of...

Advanced Booting Services / This is a rip off of a business


I parked in a parking lot where parking fee is not displayed in the end that i came in at in within 2 mins i found out that it was a fee paking lot and when i went back to move vehicle they had already booted my car and charged me $75.00 then told me after they removed boot i could park...