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Wyndham Vacation Ownership / cancellation of membership:

1 Redmond, WA, United States

In 2016, my husband and I purchased 400K points fromas part of the Club Wyndham Discovery. We also received a free vacation week for participating in the Club Wyndham tour. As of today, 6/5/2018 we have not used any of our points nor taken advantage of the free week. We have experienced (or I have experienced) two medical issues (back surgery Dec 2016 and knee surgery Aug 2017) which has not allowed me to travel until recently.

At the time of our points purchase we paid $3, 000.00 down and had a balance remaining of $735.00 due. As I mentioned above in December of 2016, I had major back surgery for 2 ruptured disk which prevented any travel. I did call into owner services around July of 2017 & asked to extend the points. An extension was granted until 7-7-18. Then unexpectedly on 4 August 2017, I had knee surgery due to an accident on 27 July 2017. This second surgery also prevented travel. Needless to say years 2016 & 2017 was very taxing on me physically and financially on our household.

On 1 Jun 2018, I paid the remaining balance due on our account and tried to proceed with making travel plans. After the past 2 years, my husband and I are so ready to travel. It took me by surprise to be told that our account had been placed in an inactive status and there is no way for us to use any points.
I am asking for any help that you can provide. Club Wyndham is basically telling me, I might as well have put $3, 000.00 in a trash can and set fire to it because I will get nothing. I asked is it possible for me to use my points by 7-7-18 and I was told "NO the points were resold and no longer available".
I thought these 400K points were set aside as ours.

I can provide any proof required showing what and when my medical procedures took place. As I stated previously, we have not even used out free week given to us for attending the 2 hour tour.

The desired resolution is for Club Wyndham to allow us to use the 400K points so that we can travel to a desired location in 2018 or to refund the entire cost $3, 735.44 ($3, 000 down payment & $735.44 amount financed).

Thank you
Kimberly Mattox (member # [protected])

  • Updated by k1m2, Jun 21, 2018

    On 6/9/18 I received a call from a Ron, who worked in the complaints section for Club Wyndham. The number Ron called from was (843) 638-7588. He called at 6:18 pm. Once we established what he was calling about, he stated he was going to put me on hold and bring his boss in on the conversation. He also proceeded to tell me that he was going to put me on hold while he brought his boss up to speed and that I would be hearing music while he did this. He was correct I did hear they music, but I was also able to hear their discussion. I tried to make my presence known to both boys but they could not hear me. Their conversation went like this:
    Ron: Hey Michael I have Ms Mattox on the line and she had a complaint about... etc... etc...
    Michael: Why the [censored] didn't she inform us earlier...
    Ron: Well it sounds like a scam to me. She sounds kinda stupid...
    There was more vulgar chit chat... Then Michael makes the last statement.
    Michael; Well put the [censored] through and let me talk with her.

    I was then taken off of hold so that I could speak directly to both gentleman.

    They question I have for Club Wyndham is. Is this the way you treat your clients or potential customers? How can it be a scam when I have not even used any of those points nor taken the free vacation.

    The initial resolution I asked for was to be able to utilize the 400K points I paid $3, 000 for an was unable to use due to an accident that ended with me having back surgery and knee surgery.
    Now the resolution I want is a refund of my money. I don't want to do business with a company that behaves the way your 2 representatives have.
    The call originated from Saint George South Carolina.
    I only have the representatives 1st names.
    Ron was the initiated the call then transferred me to Michael whom he called the VP of the skeletal department. I feel quite sure a VP should be very easy to located. He should be removed from his position.
    Please refund my money.

Jun 5, 2018

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