Woolworths Australialadies hair side combs

Hello. I have just been over 2 hours on the internet tryyying to simply find the Wider hair side combs that you USED to sell. In fact I have been struggling to contain my thick hair for yeaarrrs now since you STOPPED selling the wider hair combs. WHY?? They seem to have become utterly extinct! I have repeatedly begged Store Managers to rectify this, but to absolutely no avail. I suffer from a heat stress condition & MUST put my hair up so this is not just a pedantic moan. The small combs currently on offer are a much poorer quality & break consistently. They are only 15 teeth approx 80mm x 50 whereas the larger ones were far sturdier...and USEABLE. (Pair of Large Plain Tort Hair Combs Slides Grips Clips 12cm (4.7") PLEEEESE re-stock your stores with the wider & far better quality hair side combs again. Thank you.

Woolworths Australia

Nov 22, 2018

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