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I was looking at my account that has been fix, the company after i was told that I will not have any problems with my account there is a new odf add to my account that shouldnt be on my account at this time.. I was told by the local office that there was a problem on your. By more than one woodforest worker, told me is was a woodforest error than I was told after checkin sayin that the error wasnt woodforest by a error on uhaul. Will like some to look in to the problem than call me back soon as the problem is found if there is a error on the uhaul I need it in writing of why it is a uhaul error so i can take this to them to get my money back for the error if.. If i cant get it in write why the error was not company error but an a uhaul error than I want someone to tell me it isnt your error. Keep in mind that error was on woodforest when I talked to different reps on the phone and your company gave the credits on the account.. I will like to have the statement emailed to me or mailed to the address that I have on file.. I was told at two different times that the overdarft will be reinstate to the account an i was told that error was on uhaul so with it not being a woodforest error that it wouldnt be added because of the new state or fedral law, I will have my lawer look in to this error.. on the be half of your company someone will give me back my money to fix the fees add to my account.. because this company of uhaul has done this to other people befor so please write the error that was found.

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  • At Woodforest, we take every concern seriously and make every effort to resolve issues promptly. Please contact our Customer Care department at 877-968-7962 or e-mail us at [protected] Our Customer Care Representatives are available Monday through Saturday 7:00 am to 8:00 pm CST. If you are an Online Banking customer, you may also send us a Secured Message by logging into your account, selecting the Messaging tab and clicking on “Send us a new message”. We hope we have an opportunity to speak with you soon.

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  • Je
      Jan 04, 2011
    woodforest - unfriendliness
    Woodforest Bank
    United States

    I have only had my account with Woodforest banking for just a few months. Every time I go in to do business, these people are so rude. They act like they don't want my business. This one man talks to me in such a demeaning manner. That's fine. I'm taking my business elsewhere.

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  • At Woodforest, we take every concern seriously and make every effort to resolve issues promptly. We would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you regarding your experience. Please contact our Customer Care department at 877-968-7962 and ask to speak directly with the Regional Vice President over the branch. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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