Wolfgang Puck Cookwarepots and pans: tempered glass lids

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I have had a Wolfgang Puck pots and pans set for maybe 10 years. Today, while cooking stew, the lid exploded inches from my face. Subsequent online research has shown that others have experienced the same thing. Wanted to pass it on.

Wolfgang Puck Cookware

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  • Vt
      Mar 15, 2012

    It's not just Wolfgang Puck. I had a Century Cookware glass lid explode tonight. I was cooking hamburgers on the burner of a gas stove in a hard anodized pan with a glass lid when for no apparent reason the lid exploded into a lot of tiny pieces. Needless to say we didn't have hamburgers after all. I like cheese on my burger, not glass!

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  • Dm
      Jan 03, 2013

    I have had one sold by Pampered Chef explode and one by Wolfgang Puck. Now all my glass lids have been boxed up and sit outside of my home until these companies contact me. I wish I had called the local news team out like the lady in Co. Dee Morris Canton, , GA

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  • Pa
      Apr 06, 2015

    Yesterday while making Easter Dinner, the glass lid - a Pampered Chef brand - exploded into a thousand piece, with glass flying all around my kitchen. This is part of a 15-20 year old Pampered Chef set of pots and pans. I'd replaced most items over the years, but this was one of the larger, lesser used pots and I thought it had lots of life left. Now I'm worried about my other glass lids. Is there an experation date on glass lids?

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  • Ga
      May 28, 2018

    My Wolfgang Puck lid exploded this weekend for no reason. It was sitting on top of a pot of corn and water on the stove. The heat had not been turned on yet. The stove had not been on all day, so there was no residual heat either. No dramatic temperature change. Everything was room temperature. There was a loud sound that resembled a glass light bulb breaking, but much louder. Went back in the kitchen and there was glass everywhere. No one was around, thankfully. I'm glad I wasn't there with my face nearby and I'm especially glad my kids weren't in the kitchen. I wrote to Wolfgang Puck, but have not received a response. Now I'm reading up on it and it seems this has happened to many people. I think I'll go back to only using metal lids from now on. By the way, it doesn't help that the rivets holding together the handles to the pot are corroding/degrading. It looks disgusting and it's so cheap. It speaks volumes at the low quality for the higher price of Wolfgang Puck. I'll stick to the tried and true brands from now on.

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