[Resolved] Winn-Dixieunethical behavior from an associate

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On the evening of 11/28/2017 I went into the Winndixie in Hammond, La 2302 W. Thomas St to the customer service desk to pick up money from Western Union. The associate that was helping me was having problems with the register she had asked for my ID 2 times at that point I was kinda pushing for time so I made a statement and said "omg everytime your in a rush something happens". The associate asked for my ID a 3rd time and JERKED it out of my hand at that point I became angry and asked the associate ... "did she have a problem don't jerk anything out of my hand" and by that time the Manager named Maci/Marci approached the register and I told her that the associate had jerked the ID out of my hand (in which Maci/Marci) did not see. Marci stated to me that the associate didn't mean too so I said yes she did and I was loud because at this point I'm upset. Marci gave me back my ID card & the western union paper and told me I had to leave the store I then told her i was going to call Corporate office, Marci then said that I was making threats and that she could call the police and I explain if calling corporate office is a threat then I'm calling and I left. As a Manager she took the associate side didn't even take into effect what I had told her about what the associate had done far as jerking the ID out of my hand. I didn't get the associate name BUT she was a white female with a short boyish haircut and she worked the customer service desk it was about 4:45pm or 5:00pm. The situation was handled poorly and unfair and i need to report this and talk to the store manager, and the district manager. I always go into Winndixie to pick up money and I NEVER had a problem before NEVER!! If the associate can't handle customers she need to not work customer service it was rude of her to jerk anything out of my hand and I am very upset!! And the manger need to be delt with because she didn't even know what the problem was she automatically judge the situation and didn't take into affect I was the customer and was being treated wrong!

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    The Store manager & District manager was contacted :)

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    First of nobody is going to snatch a ID out of my hand and I'm not going to get upset about it. Could I snatch something out of your hand and you walk away cool? I didn't leave out that I was loud when I reported what happen first of all!!! I admitted to that when I reported it to the store manager and the district manager. When I get upset I get loud so be it!! The Id should not have never gotten snatch out of my hand bottom line and I don't care about going back to Winn Dixie it's plenty of more stores in the world I can go too :) I will still live if i don't go but guess what the store manager said for me to come back and the store manager also said it was more customers that day that reported those same employees to him!! I know this reply coming from probably one of you that work in the store but I'm not going to go back and 4th with you on this board! I said what I had to say!! When I walk in any store I am a customer first PERIOD! :) Have a good day! :)

Nov 28, 2017
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  • Mi
      Dec 03, 2017

    You were rude and obnoxious first and admit you got loud and made a scene. You should be banned from the store. Winn Dixie doesn't pay their employees enough to have to deal with uncivilized, rude people.

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