WinCo Foods / customer service

I was using my debit card to pay for my groceries on 11/22/17, when the cashier was having difficulty working the register. He had me run my cars four times because he said the register was running slow and kept canceling the transaction. So then the cashier called a manager to help him, but when the manager came the cashier didn't explain the issue he was having, he just left and closed his station because he was moving to cover another register. So when the manager came to help he told me that the transaction was declined and that it dis not go through. Although, I had showed him on my phone that my bank account showed it processing. He was not sympathic to the error caused by the system or cashier he was basically putting blame on me like I did something wrong, when all I was trying g to do was pay for my groceries. The manager Andy was very rude by making facial gestures and condensending remarks when I asked him questions on why he could not ask the cashier what he problem was. I have never had this type of experience when shopping at Winco, they made me feel belittled and disrespected as a customer.

Gina Richard

Nov 22, 2017

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