Wilson - Gray YMCA Youth and Family Center / bullied, discriminatory and threaten

43 cowles st, Hartford connecticut, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 8609959336

The Ymca have a Discriminatory and Threaten policy inlace whereby if your forced to stay one due to being made a deaf.

We attend 5am-7am to play basketball every wed and friday.

I am very disappointment with YMCA Staff Because when Somebody say that he going punch in my face and Staff Didn't careless but Laughing at me. Stab my back that I can't hear them. But i Can read the lip. One person who start threaten me then Everybody start theater me. Either Staff doing nothing but walk me out of the door. I didn't do anything wrong in every week. I alway get pick on and Im weak link on the Basketball court. when I try to work it out and move on with other player, They like to play the game with me and saying, " Huh, Im deaf, and Laughing front other people" The Ymca Staff just sat down and Listen to conversation and laugh along with them. Staff threaten me that If I get into argument and they will suspend me that i didn't do. They never warn other player that to leave me alone or stop bullied. Not even one time. It goes on and on. I ma very loyal with YMCA more than 4 year and I dont have any problem with people and staff. I was minding my business and do my thing. I am different and I need make a change. I want YMCA Staff to do better job before they let it happen and make it worse. I need your support and what Should I do?

Aug 27, 2014

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