Wigsis / fraud, theft and total scam

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Alright!!! If you are ready to experience one of the most frustrating events in your life, well step right up and throw your money down this fraud vacuum called WIGSIS. Not only do they fail miserably to deliver any product as described on their website, they also have an extremely effective way to refuse returns and refunds even though their policy allows for these issues (albeit with very specific guidelines). These little devils have tapped into a world wide market, via the internet. Through intentionally fraudulent product descriptions and photos of models with their own heads of hair, a potential buyer gets lured in to the fantasy product advertised enough to send money to china never to be seen again. Story after story of the unethical and fraudulent business practices can be found at multiple consumer websites across the globe, focusing mainly on the US, UK and Australia. While these thieves have swindled me to the meager sum of $249, their consistent practices to keep any consumer from actually being able to return an item due to dissatisfaction for refund must have their pockets bulging at the seams. I have been emailing daily for over a month wanting to return for refund a thin-haired, synthetic, and totally disapointing little rag with no foreseeable chance of ever getting my money despite their own posted advertisement, policies and guidelines. I will look for any legal way possible to try and make these bottom dwellers pay one way or another. If you have had a negative experience with this company please post about it as often as you can. I would love to get a class action together to take these scammers out for good!

Nov 19, 2016

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