Whirlpool Gold Refrigerator / defective unit when brand new

United States

I bought a whirlpool gold refrigerator from Low's late October 2009 and it was delivered a few days later. It worked for first few weeks. Then I took an 3-week vacation and it surprised me when I got home. The refrigerator completely stopped working. All the ice melt and everything inside (pork, chicken, sea food, beef, ...) spoiled. The liquid mixture filled up the bottom of the refrigerator and soaked my hardwood floor in the kitchen. The floor was stained and distorted. The kitchen smelled terrible. I had to throw away all the food and work hard to clean up the huge mess. I was really upset.

I called Low's and they delivered another one of the same model. Now I
don't know how long this one can last. The terrible look and smell of the bad refrigerator surprised the Low's delivery guys and their managers.

I have been contacting whirlpool customer service since the accident by email for last couple of months and they provided no help at all. They basically take no responsibility claiming I did not buy their extended warranty. They seemed really don't care about the customers. "Go and find out what your home owner's insurance will say" is the only answer l got from them.

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