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Whirlpool Corporation / negative experience with appliance and with extended service plan technician

1 Asbury Park, NJ, United States

KitchenAid model no. KFCS22EVMS7, serial no. K22705758.
Water damaged our kitchen and hallway maple floors and water leaked to the unit below damaging the door frames. We had been away and damage was extensive. There is one water line where the fridge sits. It was shut off when someone checked and saw the damage but the plumber said the damage was not caused by the water line. He said he didn't know what was leaking. We moved out while the damaged floors were replaced and refinished. The fridge was shut off. When we came back after the repairs we started using the fridge and our neighbor from the unit below immediately warned us that water was dripping to his unit again. This time we were home and immediately called the plumber back. He rolled the fridge half-way out and saw water on the floor, but also saw water along a narrow plastic tube at the back of the fridge. He told us to call an appliance repair co. because he said a small black clamp attached to the tube may not hold the tube properly. To prevent again damage to the new floor the plumber warned us from using ice or dispenser, and I taped a plastic bag to the back to catch any running water.
Then I called you to schedule an appointment. You contract with Alliance Appliance and I called them also. After a scheduled and cancelled appointment by Alliance, a technician finally came today. What an experience. Extremely nasty, obnoxious and rude, this technician informed me a few minutes that nothing was wrong with this fridge. He said: Your plumber probably fixed the problem. I was with the plumber at all times and he showed me where the water was coming from but never removed any tubes. A larger, 6 inch long plastic tube, that this technician suddenly threw onto my kitchen counter and claiming to have been the problem, was according to him, already fixed. I told him again that the plumber only noticed water coming from a thin long tube connected to the back of the fridge. The technician made his own story.
I was accused by the technician of misrepresentation and lying, of having moved the fridge and maybe damaged it, on and on.
The water damage had occurred before this fridge was rolled out from its space! The fridge is now sitting halfway, blocking our kitchen door. The tech refused to roll the fridge back into its space. Before he left he asked if I use the icemaker and do I want to have the water on? I asked him why he would want to shut the water if the fridge is fine?
This fridge is also making very loud noise but this tech scared me and I did not tell him about the noise.
This incident should be investigated and this technician should not be working in a customer service oriented position. He is very abusive.
I paid $3000 to have my floors repaired, lived away in chaos for 2 weeks, and then got accused by an Alliance Appliance technician of providing false and erroneous information!
The plumber did nothing but look at what the problem could be and he found nothing wrong with the water line.
I hope to hear from you. As for the damages here, there are neighbors who were affected and who witnessed this disaster and I took many pictures.
Eleonor Kaymakcian
317 Sixth Avenue, no. 10
Asbury Park, NJ 07712
email: [protected]

  • Whirlpool Corporation Customer Care's Response, Apr 20, 2018

    Hello Mrs. Kaymakcian! We are terribly sorry to hear of your concern with your Refrigerator. In purchasing extended service coverage from a third - party administrator, you are contracting with and delegating authority to that provider to administer service and/or maintenance for your appliance in lieu of the manufacturer.

    Any decisions made by an extended service plan provider, in regard to continued repair of your product versus replacement or reimbursement, or in regard to the service provider used to perform appliance repairs, are at the sole discretion of that service plan administrator. KitchenAid has no jurisdiction over your service plan, or its administrator.

    Your comments have been documented in your customer file and are available for review should you need to contact KitchenAid at a future date. However, in regard to resolving your current appliance concern, we must refer you to your service plan administrator for further assistance.

    Thank you, KitchenAid® Social Media Relations Team

Apr 19, 2018

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