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My refrigerator has been not functioning for close to 6 months... I have wasted hours and months having a Kitchenaid designated service company attempt to repair the ongoing issues :

1- loud grumbling noise: part was replaced still making noise, )
2- freezes food and spoils it within the main area of the refrigerator. Issue still has not been resolved by technician.
3- mother board with the information regarding temperature ...doesn't turn on.

I have been on the phone multiple times with kitchen aid.. ( each phone call is at least 1-2 hours) have had the technician come multiple times... and nothing resolved.
Technician has missed appoinents poor follow up, parts that have been ordered took a month before installed and replaced
This has been going on since August 2018...
And presently I'm on the phone for the last 1:30 minutes with Kitchenaid.
The technician was on the phone with Kitchenaid ... we hired someone to be there during the visit and takes notes. This was December 6, 2018... the technician was on the line for 2 hours with technical support at Kitchenaid.
Now Kitchenaid claims this call didn't take place as they have no record of it. My witness is a retired policeman we hired to be present.
The technician said he could not repair the fridge...

Now Kitchenaid wants to send a third party to see if the refrigerator is irreparable.
Which may take weeks... as they don't know who they can send to the area.

If Kitchenaid keeps this up I will be out of warranty... I guess that's the purpose of all the delays.
At this rate I'm not going to enjoy the Xmas holidays. I will be having to spend endless more hours trying to get my refrigerator issue resolved.

Dec 12, 2018

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