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I bought a whirlpool dishwasher (WDT750SAHZ) 3 months ago and have had a service tech visit 3x. The first time was for a faulty float mechanism. The dishwasher worked for a couple of months, but now has had the controller replaced. Today, the technician told me the motor is bad and needs replaced. I've been without a dishwasher for several weeks now and each time the service tech returns, I have to take time off of work. I obviously bought a lemon, and Whirlpool needs to replace this lemon with a new dishwasher that works.

  • Updated by lrummel, Apr 14, 2018

    My dishwasher is still broken, and I wanted to provide an update. Because I purchased the dishwasher at Lowes’, I decided to contact Lowes’ customer care, as Whirlpool has offered no further assistance to me. Although not much of a consumer advocate, the Lowes’ rep did explain the WP service policy to me. WP will only replace my dishwasher, if I have 3 service calls for defects within the warranty period. It does not matter how many defective parts are replaced on my lemon dishwasher, but all that matters is number of new service calls logged. Within these first few months of owning the WP dishwasher I have had 4 defective parts replaced – float switch, control panel, motor for TBD reason, and replacement motor for the original bad motor due to a bad diverter on the sump. Since the factory repairman replaced more than 1 defective part on his visits, WP will not even consider giving me a replacement unit. Thus, my only recourse is to continue getting the word out about the poor quality products from Whirlpool. BUYER BEWARE!

Mar 29, 2018
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  • Ma
      Mar 30, 2018

    Hi lrummel, we would like to inquire further about your review with you. Please email us at [protected], with your name, phone number, street address, zip code, model & serial number, and date of purchase on the appliance. Please also copy and paste your review from complaintsboard into the email as well.

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  • Ge
      Mar 30, 2018

    Sure appreciate hearing your concerns and would like to assist.

    Where did you purchase the unit from?

    Please note, if this concern has already been addressed to your satisfaction, there is no need to respond to this text.

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  • Lr
      Apr 10, 2018

    @General Service WP tech returned today to replace the motor. The wait was almost 2 weeks, after shipping delays and a backorder by the distributer. The new motor was defective and the diverter on the sump leaked. I called WP customer service because after my last complaint post, I was told they would replace the unit if this fix did not work. The call left me very angry, as the customer service rep just argued with me. Whirlpool obviously has a serious quality problem. They also do not keep their promises to their customers. I plan to tell my story to as many people as possible. BUYER BEWARE with Whirlpool products. This unit was originally purchased at Lowes. Not sure if they can offer any assistance.

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  • La
      Apr 10, 2018

    I am furious after my latest interaction with whirlpool customer service. After my first post to the complaint board I was promised a replacement dishwasher if the new motor did not fix my issue. The factory technician just left my house shaking his head because the replacement motor was defective. So I called WP only to get an argument and told I would need to wait for yet another part. How can this be? Obviously WP has major qualities issues and does not care about their customers. They cannot even keep their promises. I plan to tell my experience with WP to as many people as possible. BUYER BEWARE!

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