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Whirlpool Canada / cabrio washer

1 142 st & 137 AveEdmonton, Alberta, Canada Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 456-4455

I purchased a washer and when it was delivered the delivery man advised I had 72 hours to report any scrachs and dents. As I just moved in I wanted to change out the taps as they were old to prevnet possible damage to my new Washing machine.

When we tried to use the machine it did not work. We tried to call the manufacuture but they were closed. On monday we tried to call Leons and left a message. They did not call back on Tuesday I called again and explained the situation. They advise the manufacture would call me.

Wednesday they did but did not have the serical number so it took until thursday to book a technition which was not able to come out until the following tuesday.

The technician came out told us the mother board was shot and it might be in our best interest to contact Leons.

I did call and go the run around. They pointed the fingure at Whirlpool, did not call me back I had to keep contacting them. Now it is Friday they still claim that they need Whirlpool to fix the never used machine however they sold me it I never got to use it and I bought their platium service/extension warrenty which they explained does not give me anything until Whirlpools warrently runs out.

I could understand if I have used the machine or I did something wrong but I guess they are more worried about making the sale then servicing their clients.

Buyer beware

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  • Do
      29th of May, 2008
    +1 Votes

    We purchased the Whirlpool Washer/Dryer Deut in June of 2006 via Trail Appliances and have had nothing but problems from day one with them…in fact the washer did not even work when we first brought it home and was replaced with a new one. I feel the same way when it comes to the customer service part of having the technician also…I am once again waiting for a part to come in and now on week 8. When I call Whirlpool to ask how much long??? Each time I get a different story and the run around, where is this part coming from? Are they walking it over….I would also like to add I would strongly research the service part of ANY product you perchance and question the extended warranty that you purchase.

    Another Unsatisfied costumer


    Calgary Alberta

  • Ia
      30th of Jul, 2008
    +1 Votes

    After purchasing washer found the power button to be defective after only 2 weeks. Technician who came to the house said it is a common problem with this machine. I have waited for 3 weeks for new motherboard to arrive from the States. Customer service, ( not much service only waiting) at Whirlpool has told me they need a full skid of items to ship to Canada. As this part is not large I suggested alternative measures which were refused. The manager said i should just wait to see what happens and would not give me the number of anyone above her. If this is the way that whirlpool deals with the problems of their machines when they are brand new than I have no confidence in the washer lasting very long.

    Impatiently waiting


  • Se
      16th of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Whirlpool Canada is truly an unorganized mess throughout Canada. MANY MANY customer have broken machines waiting for parts for months. Whirlpool Canada does NOT CARE about it's servicers or customers as this Bulltoot has been going on every since they closed most of their parts departments in canada throughout Canada. THEIR COMPANY POLICY IS to replace the appliance if parts are not availabe with 30 days. THAT IS POLICY!! The (Toronto head Office ) does not pay attention to policy.

  • Tr
      27th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Purchased new sidebyside fridge, stove, microwave and dishwasher from Ikea - Whirlpool products Aug 22/09.

    Installed them Sept 02/09. Dishwasher quit Oct. 13th - called 1800 whirlpool Oct 15th. They sent a local repair shop in to look at it Oct 16th. The repair shop called the following day to tell us they can't even order the console as a replacement part - as they aren't yet available. They expect it would be at least 2 months before they MIGHT be able to order it. Called Whirlpool district rep who said he would elevate it to corporate level and call back within a couple of days. That was over 2 wks ago.

    As above - I seriously advise people to find out exactly what kind of service/warranty you are getting. At most places - as soon as the appliance leaves the door - you're on your own. I can only cringe at the thought of what if this was our fridge/stove or washer/dryer??????? I still think our dishwasher is a necessary appliance with 6 people in our family. Aside from that - I worked damn hard for the money I paid for an appliance that doesn't work !!!

    When I worked at a auto dealer - if we ran into a situation like that, we would pull the part out of a new vehicle and eat the cost or bill it back to the auto maker warranty. I just want what I paid for.

  • Rb
      17th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    I'd like to share my experience with Whirlpool and to encourage anyone going to purchase any appliance from any company to do some research on the brand, the model, the warranty and where they get the parts from. I purchased, in January, a brand new mix match set front load washer dryer from a local dealer. The dryer is a Maytag and the Washer a Whirlpool. Three weeks from purchasing the washer had a leak coming from the door. The service person came fixed and left, no issue. Then in March the start button on the front panel broke on the washer. The service person came took a look had to order a part, took a week and a half to come in, so we were unable to use the washer during that time. Then the next issue which is the biggest issue with this washer happened. In the beginning of May we noticed the cloths were really wet at the end of the cycle. Called the dealer, they sent out a tech, he said we were either putting too many or too little cloths in for it to work or that we didn't distribute the cloths well enough. He left. We did as he said but it still was too wet. Called again they came then they said we were using the wrong soap and it was clogging a switch to make the washer go on high spin. So they told us to run the washer with vinegar a few times and it should clear up the problem and to buy the special soap. So we did as told... nope didn't work. So called again, they came said we needed a new part because of the soap we were using before was the wrong soap and it wrecked the part. So we waited another week and a half. Got the part put it in, worked once while the tech was here. Then tried to do a load, nope didn't go on high spin again. Call the dealer he said it would probably need a new electronic board, but Whirlpool didn't want to send one out until we tried everything so he suggested I call the Whirlpool Customer Service line. I did and they said they wanted to send out a second opinion. Another service company comes; this guy was really special he said it didn't work because there was a penny that fell in the drum?? So he took the penny out and left. Yeah no it didn't work, so he came back and said we needed a new electronic board... funny I thought I heard that from someone before? This now going on three weeks. They said it would take anywhere from 2 or more weeks for the board. By this time I'm not happy and called the Whirlpool Customer service. Talked to a lady she said she would put a rush on the part and that it would be there in 3 day's as apparently parts only come from the US now. (I guess we don't know how to make parts here in Canada?!) I call the repair place three days later to see if the part is in they said no, so I call Whirlpool back. Apparently the person I talked to didn't put a rush on the part and I would need to wait at least another week. So by this time I'm mad, I ask to speak to a supervisor. I did and he assured me the part would be in by the end of the week. Then I get a call back a few days later saying they are unable to get the part so they will send me out a new machine because I've had so many issues with this one. They were going to call my dealer that I purchased the machine with and see if he had one in stock... if not I would have to wait another two weeks. So I wait two day's. Haven't heard from anyone so I call the dealer, he say's, "Oh Whirlpool is going to let him know but it would be two weeks. So I wait, on the 13th day from the phone call from Whirlpool, I call the dealer, he says he's not taking care of it but Whirlpool is... he said he would find out and call me back. He did and said that Whirlpool was sending it out and it should be here in a couple days. Not even 30 minutes from talking to my dealer, the other Repair Company calls and says my parts are in for my machine?! I'm like What?? They are sending me out a machine because they couldn't get the parts... they say oh, we weren't told that. So I said apparently I'm getting a new machine in a couple days so No I don't want the parts. Then I get a call from a delivery company the next day and schedule delivery of my Brand New Replacement Washer for the next day. I'm feeling optimistic so I take the day off as they don't deliver after hours. They show up on time and I'm pretty excited. (Yes! I can wash my cloths!) They take the machine out of the crate and there is a huge crack along the top of the washer! The ask me if I still want it? Are you kidding me? A scratch I can handle but a Crack?! So no I said I don't want it as it must have been dropped at one time and who knows the issue with any other parts. They take it back and leave. I call Whirlpool. Now I'm extremely unhappy. 5 weeks no washer! I talk to a customer service person and ask to speak to a supervisor immediately. After waiting for 5 minutes I get one. I explain the situation. He says we will have to order another one and send it out but it could take two more weeks! I said no... I want you to call the dealer where I purchased the machine from. I want him to bring me another machine. I don’t care the make or model or if it does anything special I could care less if it hangs my cloths for me and says have a nice day when it’s done! I just want a washer that works. He said they can't do that as they can only replace the same make and model as what I purchased, but he would call the dealer and see if he had any in stock and if he did they would get him to bring me one. Well I get a call back about 15 minutes later... he doesn't carry that model anymore... 9well of course not...he probably is having issues with other ones he sold so he'll cut his losses and not sell it!) So I tried to explain to the supervisor that for the amount of money they wasted having people come back and forth checking on this machine, sending a new one that is broken, sending it back and sending another one. They could have easily had the dealer just bring me another washer... I don't care if it’s the same make or model. I don't care what color it is, hell I don't even care if its front load anymore. I just want to wash my cloths. He said they can't do that and I have to wait. But for my inconvenience I could get an additional 6 month warranty on the new machine!! Are you kidding me? I said fine, I just want a washer! But the kicker is if I want the 6 months extended warranty I have to call them when I get the machine! I said why do I have to call you? You make the machine! You deliver it! Just give me the warranty. He said he didn't know the make and model numbers on the new machine!? Oh my God!
    So now I wait... he said he would try to get me a new machine by the end of next week. This will be almost 7 weeks, no washer with 5 people in my house. This is the best they can do.
    This is my first experience with purchasing a Whirlpool/Maytag and it will be the last!
    Quite frankly I will do my best to stay away from all the brands supported from this company.

  • Ms
      24th of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes

    I bought whilpool electric range put the self clean on my window on the door centre glass is all brown now i cant clean it i will have to call somebody out to take the door apart to clean it 60 dollar call out fee and labour on top if you have one dont put the self clean on because acording the everyone that work for whilpool that normal i feel like i am talking to my self and going crazy. cheryl .

  • Mo
      21st of Jul, 2014
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    I bought whirlpool HE top load laundry machine on Sept. 13 from lions. Since we got that we noticed after any wash white stains remain on the dresses especially with black suits and so on. We called lions and inform them about issue. They asked us to call Whirlpool directly.
    They sent us one of their technicians . He went through every things and re setup it's computer and mentioned the machine is fine.
    But problem left unsolved. We call again and sent the other one. He gave some advise how we load the machine and change our detergent to HE. We did all he asked and no point. Finally I called Whirlpool and I asked them is there anyway to change the machine or
    refund that.? And they keep telling me We are going to send another technician to look at your laundry and they say there is no option for customer if they faced with the product that somehow doesn't operate properly. The HE products have many issues that Whirlpool has to aware more than customers so far. They don't want to accept this fact and do something for poor customers those
    they wasted their money because of misleading by seller in Lions or other retailers. Now We have machine that after any wash we have to wash again with hands to get rid off white stains. We can not complaint anywhere and there is no way to get rid of this nasty laundry. I will do my best to stay away from all the brands supported from this company. I am not rich to buy Whirlpool products.

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