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I come in to Whataburger every morning for my senior coffee with no hassles for years. Well, this morning I was informed that I can not get a free coffee anymore, when I asked why she told me that the new GM said not to give the homeless free drinks any more, excuse me, am I being stereo typed because I do not dress up? Because I look poor. I work 60 hours a week, I just lost my husband 4 years ago and have had a hard time with my son, keeping a roof over his head. So, tell your new GM Brian that he needs to stop stereotype people and judgeing people. I only want my coffee in the morning. It's not like I don't eat here bc I do. This is the one on LBJ.

Jun 06, 2018
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  • Ca
      Jun 07, 2018

    I had to repeat myself 3 times today at Whataburger, 5600 Montana, El Paso, TX. I ordered the #1 with NO mustard, NO pickles and ADD mayo & cheese. Remember, I told her 3 times very clearly. Instead, I received a plain old hamburger WITH MUSTARD & PICKLES! NO MAYO, NO CHEESE, NO LETTUCE, NO TOMATO! A plain old hamburger with nothing on it except the dreaded mustard & pickles. Exactly what I did not want! Then, when paying the cashier she forgot to give me my change and I had to ask for it ($1.00). Will never go back to this store again!

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  • Aa
      Jun 07, 2018

    Why not pay for your coffee cheapskate.

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  • Em
      Jun 09, 2018

    It's not that she's being a "cheapskate", she is just using what every Whataburger has to offer, senior drinks to all seniors. Regardless of looking like a "homeless" person or someone who can't afford a drink, Whataburger should treat every customer and I mean every customer like family. We don't know what people go through everyday or what has happened over the past 5, 10, 15 years of their life. That's why friendliness of employees is the top priority of Whataburger, because the employees are the appearance of the Whataburger franchise. If the employees are acting negatively or playing around, or if in this case the GM is stereotyping, then changes need to be made, because that is not the vision of Harmon Dobson when he founded Whataburger, the GM should be the one that sets the goals, priorities, and standards of their store by following the policies set by Whataburger. Notify Whataburger at (+[protected]) or at (+[protected]) to explain how the GM is acting, and actions will be taken accordingly by the Director of Operations and the Area Manager. I hope this helps you out, and I'm sorry about what happened at your visit at Whataburger.

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