Whataburger / service/product

I started going to the Whataburger on Hwy 105 in Conroe by the Conroe High School. Service is horrible. I mean the lady taking our order the first 2 days was nice but after we ordered we waited almost 25 min and I'm not kidding for our food and one of us didn't get ours so we had to wait longer. Our lunch break is 30 min. The next day we went back thinking the day before might of had been a bad day but nope same thing. When we get our food its cold so it had to have been back there for awhile. They never ever say sorry for the wait or anything. So we gave it one more chance I ordered onion rings waited 17 min I times it for them had to rush back to work. Its sad because our store is about to open and since we only have 30 minutes we don't have many places to eat at, So I guess we will be bringing our lunch. We will no longer go to that Whataburger the one on Loop 336 is heaven compared to this one!!!

Mar 19, 2017

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