Whataburger / service and food

I went to Whataburger in Abilene TX #523 893 East Highway 80 and there was a young man named Mario who was either a team leader or manager didn't say on his name tag but had a kaki color shirt and was fixing his drawer he said he would be right with us which we stood there for a good 5 mins before he helped me us I mean I use to work for whataburger that's not customer service when u have 3 more team leaders in the back and one fixing a drawer and letting customers stand for 5mjns and it was not even packed in the dining area also my whatachicken bites were so dark from the oil that was not cool the oil needed to be changed and they are letting those go out like that not good and Mario didn't offer cheese for the double burger #2 patties were cold my husband said and my Texas toast was so cold I had a horrible experience there at this store won't go to that one ever again thank you hope this gets fixed

Mar 25, 2017

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