Whataburger / product quality & customer satisfaction

Flower Mound, TX, United States

Visited our local whataburger this past wednesday may 10th, 2017 off justin highland village, tx. This is store no. 993. Went in to order take out and when I got home, discovered my order hand literally been thrown together! I had a double meat with cheese & jalapenos. Upon opening my burger, I found several pickles in the folded wrap of the paper. I thought, oh extra pickles, not! When it was fully opened, I found tomatoes, onions, peppers, scattered all over and not even on the bun. Yes literally thrown together. I was so mad, but still hungry, I was going to put it back together so I could have my meal with my wife. When I opened the bun, I also found only 1-meat patty, and was still charged for a double! (I can only imagine that since this was thrown together, the other meat patty missed the bun, during the toss, altogether and ended up somewhere on the floor). I took a photo, closed it back up and called the manager becca. Her first suggestion was to go ahead and eat it and get with her know on my next visit (What?). When I arrived, I had becca open the wrap to see what I saw (See attached photo). Becca said she was very sorry and immediately expedited me another order with large fries (As I informed her, my original order of fries was still sitting at home getting cold). She expedited my re-order, and included a pie with it. I inquired about a free meal gift card for meal, for all the inconvenience, and was put off with another some sort of “see me during your next visit, right……….. Not really happy with the overall outcome. When back home and got to eat all by myself as my wife had finished hers by that time.


May 12, 2017

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