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During a recent visit to the State of Texas, I went to eat at various WhataBurger restaurants, in all the deal was excellent from each and every employee who served us.

It was strange, that at restaurant 69, located at 4902 San Bernanrdo in Laredo Texas, received a discourteous treatment of a woman who was beginning the operation of a cashier to order and pay for the food.

She wore a different shirt of the other employees, the color was yellow, - apparently her name is Monica.

Let me narrate the event:

I arrived at the restaurant at 2:23 pm on October 2, 2017, there were few people to order and one person was opening an additional box.

At that moment the woman arrived and began to deliver money to the employee who would operate this point of sale.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Laredo, TX

I stayed in line, waiting my turn; then I look in the direction of the cahier in process of opening and saw the woman, who made me a sign to go to cashier, which I did.

Arriving at the cashier, she was upset and express to me rudely, and said that the row started back, so I returned to my place.

It didn´t matter to me, and I´m sure that a person that had bad mood, is not going to spoil my food and the pleasure of being in Whataburger.

As a reference, I express that the order was 188875, at 2:24:45 PM and the cashier who at last kindly attended to me was Mr. JOSE R.

I hope that these words, serve to further improve their extraordinary company, which in another chain restaurant in San Marcos, TX, we were proud to explain their sales volumes have achieved.

Soon, we will be back in a Whataburger and I will eat a number 2, as I like.


Jesús Rodríguez Villasana

Oct 09, 2017

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