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I visited a Whataburger in DeSoto, Texas on Sunday, September, 10, 2017. I ordered two kids meals for my children. I decided to order an apple pie for myself. I handed my children their kids meal bags and drove away. I realized the apple pie was in my 4 year old daughter's meal bag and quickly grabbed it from her because I knew they are typically hot. As i am driving, I decided to remove the pie from the packaging to allow it to cool. As I dipped the pie out of the package into my hand, a large amount of pie filling dropped onto my shirt and chest (the pie was cracked open and the filling was all oozing out.) I was in terrible pain and frantically searched for a napkin in the food bags- there were none. The filling continued to burn my skin until I found a baby wipe in my center console and was able to wipe it off. To call the apple pie "hot" is a complete understatement. Infact, the exterior crust of the pie wasn't even very hot at all. But the inside, was literally scaulding, burning, hot! This is unacceptable! I now have a deep burn that will likely scar right on my chest. It is unsightly and painful. Frankly, I'm appalled that this temperature of food is allowed to be served. I am grateful that my daughter didn't get a hold of it and it burn her delicate skin or God forbid someone's mouth. As I mentioned above. The crust and pie its self were not THAT hot as I held it in my hand with no discomfort- but the inside literally can burn someone's skin, mouth, etc.

Sincerely a Deeply burned, in pain, disappointed customer,
Lynzee Stock


Sep 12, 2017
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      23rd of Jan, 2019

    This has happened to me too! Twice because I tried a different location a couple years after the first. I emailed Whataburger and to say they really didn't care is an understatement. This is basically a pie with hot liquid. NOY filling like most. I'm wondering how many other people this has happened to.

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