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On Aug 21st I flew to Toronto via Cranbrook
WestJet Flight 3042
Aug 21-Confirmation #FIIVCR
WestJet Flight 670
Cranbrook YXC
11:40 AM
Toronto YYZ

On the Calgary flight to Toronto, I sat in the row just behind 1st class
The Steward was most concerned about 1st class service & failed to pay attention to the rows just after 1st class.
When trying to use the facility, the Steward told customers to stand back after the last 1st Class row to wait for their turn
I did not have any dinner and was trying to get his attention to order off the menu
When I finally did he was polite but seemed rushed
My chicken Wrap finally arrived. It was soggy with wilted old lettuce. When I tried to get the stewards attention I was ignored. I was hungry and picked through the unpleasant wrap and ate what I could. I never was able to return the wrap or get a refund.

Sept 3rd was my return flight

On my flight home, my seat was again behind 1st Class. When wanting to use the facility I remembered to stand back after 1st class row to wait my turn. I noticed that there was a 1st class customer waiting her turn before me.
When the stewardess came forward 4 rows from the back area, she looked at me and very rudely said from a distance "WHAT DO YOU WANT" I was shocked, felt centred out and uncomfortable by her Rude remark. I was very politely standing still, out of the way and just waiting my turn. Her second remark when I didn't respond to the 1st was "there is someone before you" I don't recall stewardess name, but her Rude, unfriendly manner made for an very unpleasant flight.
When I had my turn and I was returning back to my seat, I waited for the opportunity to tell the stewardess, quietly and politely so not to make a scene like she did. I told her that she was Very Rude, unfriendly (no courtesy smile) unpleasant, she responded with "I'm sorry you feel that way"
My reason for travel was to attend a celebration of life of a dear friend that passed last Aug.
I tried to brush off this unpleasant and unnecessary experience, bad food & rude unpleasant stewardess, during my trip to Toronto but this still bothers me and should be resolved with compensation request for a Refund, and Food voucher

Deborah Zamara
6047 Lang Rd, Wardner
BC, V0B 2J0

Oct 19, 2018

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