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Calgary, AB, Canada
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Booked a flight and needed to take advantage of WestJet's 24 hour cancellation policy. Was told that WestJet just recently changed their policy and does not refund your monies anymore if booked within a week of departure. I booked on the Westjet website through my WestJet frequent flyer account. No where in the booking process is there any attention drawn to the fact that the long standing policy is changed. The representative told me it's in the fine print which I should have read. Personally I think such major change should be communicated by a warning box at checkout, specifically frequent flyers who "think" they know the policies are impacted by Westjet's sneaky way of operating. When asked to speak to a supervisor I was told that there wouldn't be anybody who could address my issue, the representatives are just there to implement the policies. Contacted the complaints department two different ways but no response yet. I searched the Internet for WestJet's 24 cancellation policy and only got confirmation of the long standing policy that cancellation within 24 hours would be fully refunded to your credit card for instance see snapshot of search results from WestJet's own website:

" Refund policy - Guest service plan - Travel info |
If you change your mind and want to cancel your flight, we offer you the
option of cancelling within 24 hours of booking at no charge provided you
made your reservation at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure
time (where flights are departing on the same day of booking, we require
two hours-notice)."

Most of the search results have the same summary when using Google.

I'm appalled that WestJet isn't more upfront. Even Air Canada has given me more than two years notice on their proposed Aeroplan changes. Both upfront on their website and in emails to their plan members. No such communication has been received from WestJet. I'm not arguing the right of WestJet to change their policy, I'm highlighting the fact that WestJet is not owning their decision to generate more monies (as I was told that the policy was changed as they were losing too much money as they couldn't rebook the seats - which in my case is highly unlikely as I cancelled within hours of booking) by clearly advertising the change. Anyway, I'm really disappointed to been treated this way and not to have received a response within 24 hours on my complaints. I used to favour WestJet over other airlines if the flight times allowed, but will certainly not do so anymore and won't hold back informing others of your policy change (someone has to do so) and the underhanded way it has been implemented. Who would have thought that the airline priding itself on customer service has slipped this far.

Jun 11, 2017

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