WestJet Airlines / lost luggage

I was in transit on Wednesday at Mexico airport. I had 4 hours to transit from Aeromexico to Westjet. I asked my way around in the airport to official people who sent me from North to South, East and I missed my plane. After reaching the office 106 terminal 2 of Westjet, the staff gave me a new ticket for the next day but told me to go get my luggage in the Aeromexico airline office, terminal 1. They explained that it was policy to return the luggage if the person doesn't board. I specifically asked them if it was possible that my luggage did take the flight I just missed. They answered absolutely not.

I went to terminal one at the Aeromexico office. I was told that they never had heard of such policy. After checking with their bag attendants, they said they had signed receipt from WestJet. It was by then 9:30 p.m.! I was running since 3:00 p.m. I have 2 bad knees and is 62 y.o. I finally went to an hotel because I was exhausted.

I called my husband in Calgary and asked to contact Westjet Calgary to see if my luggage were there. They refused to tell him because of confidentiality! I was sick all night from being so exhausted. Next day, on Thursday, Westjet had to wheel me all around the airport because I was shaking, weak, and not able to walk. I asked about my luggage again and they said I could file a complaint with AeroMexico. I had just one thing in mind, to return home to be sick there.

On the plane, I asked the Stewart if I could have Alka Seilzer for nausea. She said that she would have to page a doctor. Well, I told her I am a doctor! She told me that she couldn't open her box of meds only if it was an emergency. So tough! She came back 2 hours later and asked me how I was feeling. The same. She encouraged me by saying "just 2 more hours".

Upon my arrival at the Calgary airport, I went to the office Services luggage, and surprise, saw my 2 bags there. I took my bags and asked a staff if I should register somewhere. He said no, just take them!!!

The last 2 days of my trip turned into a nightmare and a soap opera. I am very disappointing in Westjet not being able to trace my luggage on the plane I missed and trying to blame another company, even suggesting to place a complaint about them. I am also very disappointed in the fact that simple drugs to control nausea as to be dispensed in emergency situation only. What is an emergency situation for nausea? After the fact??? As a doctor, it doesn't make sense to me.


Lucie Levy

Jul 27, 2018

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