WestJet Airlinesairplane - delayed flight and baggage delivered after 2 days

I travelled or rather was supposed to travel with WestJet on 1st May afternoon check in time by 2pm and flight was at 5pm from Montreal to Toronto and my connecting flight was from Toronto to Dubai. I reached airport at 1pm did my check in luggage check in and started to wait in the gate 4 flight number WS 593 at Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. At around 3.30 pm got an update that the flight is delayed by one hour that was not happening but however I thought that my connecting flight is at 9.30 pm from Toronto so even though the flight is at 6 instead of 5 I can run and take my Dubai flight from Toronto. Meanwhile I heard a lot of stories from fellow passengers who are stranded in the airport since 8 in the morning which was a matter of concern but however I was persistent that I will get my flight at 7pm but for my surprise the flight was delayed by another 2 hours i.e., at 8.45/9 now I know for sure I will miss my Emirates from Toronto and I called Emirates who said it is not there mistake even though they choose to partner with WestJet and it was not my choice of airline and advised me to check with WestJet staff for alternative I then stood in queue for another 1 hour for my turn to get a solution and mind you we still did not get a proper explanation why there was a delay. After the discussion with the staff member of WestJet I got to know they are also clueless but will get me a solution and they told me the only solution available now is to take a flight on May 2nd 7.15am from Delta airlines Flight 6428 to New York JFK and from New York JFK to Dubai and mind you they do not have an accommodation for me in spite of knowing I am not a resident of Montreal and I am leaving the country today or rather was supposed to rather leave the country today the staff tells me that you can stay at the airport that should be okay that was a very irresponsible answer. I know your airline had a tough day today but this is not what customer service is for god sake. By the way I kept asking them what about my luggage and I was told that they will pull it out of the flight 593 and get it to me so I can take it along with me and now I waited for 40 mins where one of the staff tells me that I can collect it from the baggage section and then check in with it for tomorrows NY flight and when asked her what is the background of all this delays she narrates that due to the rains there has been issues with all the flights to Toronto and also to top it they have construction going on in Toronto airport runway due to which they have this issue and this is an ongoing issue from last one month and my reaction was if you know that this is an ongoing issue why don’t you inform the customers about it so that they can take either Bus or Train which is 5.5 hours and definitely that was a better choice that waiting for the flight for 9 hours doing nothing at the airport than getting worried and as expected the answer was sorry. I had to then go to the baggage counter to pick my baggage from belt 22 which never had my luggage at the 1st place. When enquired the WestJet employee from baggage counter she tells me that your baggage was not removed from the flight and it is now gone to Toronto and you may now receive it in Dubai and hopefully you should have it when you land in Dubai and yes I was still optimistic and went to airport to grab a bite for Dinner and find a place to sleep I for the first time in life felt like an Homeless person and went through how they feel. I could not sleep on the chair which was obvious and was waiting for the clock to tick 5.30 or 6 am so I can take my NY flight from Delta and one more observation this airport does not have a lounge as per there staff ‘Oh please’ not expected- You call it International Airport?
Finally I go to Delta airlines at 5.30 am to check in and I get to hear that the flight 6424 to New York JFK is cancelled and they can’t do anything with my connecting airlines from NY to Dubai it’s the same story again and they never took my tickets responsibility and sent me to WestJet and when I go to WestJet they send me back to Delta telling they are supposed to handle this and I was made a football where I was being kicked from one end of the terminal to the other 3-4 times and finally when I refused to go to WestJet from Delta the staff at Delta got mad at me and I am telling him boss understand you have to call WestJet and sought it out rather than making me a football and then he just made me sit for 30 mins just to avoid me and he did nothing about my ticket after waiting for 30 mins when I asked him he never responds to my questions instead taunts me by telling one of his colleague that I refused to walk to WestJet for my concern and I had to explain to his colleague about the entire story and she says sorry please go to WestJet as we don’t partner with Emirates so can’t do anything in your case.
Finally I go to WestJet where finally one employee takes the responsibility and after 40-50 mins wait tells me that my flight will now be to London Heathrow from Montreal and then from there to Dubai and I will reach on technically 4th early morning 12 am. My patience was tested to the core and when I narrated to him that I am on a transit visa to Dubai and I had my vacation planned places to visit booked, Events booked (Non-Refundable), Hotel- Lodging (Non-Refundable) Booked and that I am in the airport since yesterday noon without a home in Montreal as I don’t stay here he then gives me a meals coupon which was still something and after requesting he gave a hotel accommodation so I can rest till 5 and comeback for London flight which I was hoping should not get cancelled now finally the British airways flight was as scheduled and I reached London and then from London to Dubai and get off the flight at 12 am finish my visa formality and when I go to collect my Baggage I don’t have my luggage. Wow now that is another surprise after being stranded in the airport for 2 days then I had to wait for my turn to give a complaint and all the details about the baggage and there I meet my fellow travelers who had to go through the same Hassel and was clueless when we will get the baggage I then approached Emirates to re-schedule my flight to Bangalore by another day or 2 due to all this issue and I am being told its not our fault so you need to pay for it and let me tell you I have been calling Emirates since 1st for the same and they have been telling that they can extend by a day even though it should technically be 2 and she told me it is 300Dhs for 6th and if 7th it will be 300+300 =600 Dhs. Are you kidding me this is the last thing I was expecting and I narrated all that happened to me and this is definitely not fair I then paid emirates 300 Dhs for the flight extension (Rs.[protected] INR). And I was insisting her to look into my accounts and check the call history and the notes on my account regarding the calls and then she waives my charges finally someone was fair after making me narrate it all over and the story doesn’t end here. I call the number for Baggage issue every day to know the status and I get to know it is still in Toronto. Wow… Now what do I do in Dubai – Shop for what I already have. I finally get the baggage one on 5th 12 pm and other on 6th Morning the day I am leaving Dubai but was glad I at least got it then. I finally made it to Bangalore, India as per the scheduled flight on 6th that didn’t get cancelled. Thank God.
I took the pain to write all this to bring it to your notice that this is the story on one of your passenger/client who is healthy, young and who can manage stuff but there were so many senior citizens and kids in the same flight who were also neglected. Even though I tell that I could manage this has caused me a lot of stress and anxiety I wasted 2 working days, my money on Hotel, Bookings for events that did not happen, Buying clothes and other essentials which I did not have to if my luggage/ Baggage reached on time. I am unable to put the loss in terms of money because I think the loss was more than the money I spent. I definitely need an answer from the responsible persons/airline heads.

May 08, 2017

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