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ok here I go...
I went to Western Dental Orthodontics office located in Davis road in Salinas, California. My first appointment was early July but I had to come back because they were to busy. Anyways, I go back on the 31 of July 2008 @ about 9:30 AM. I waited about an hour until I was finally called to the back to get a free consultation to see how much braces would cost. After about another hour, the dentist took like 3 minutes and then I was sent to the managers office. She tells me that it would cost $4, 500 with a monthly payment of $132. I refused because I had just taken out a loan and did not have the money at the time. She then asked if I have insurance and I say yes! I told her I was not sure if they will cover orthodontic work but she decides to call anyway.

After like 5 minutes, she tells me that the insurance indeed WILL pay $1, 500 and that my total will be $3, 000 with a monthly payment of $88. I decide to do it, I figured I could sacrifice and afford to pay the $88. I asked her again if she was sure the insurance will pay because if not, I will not get the braces. She assures me that the insurance WILL pay. So she makes me sign the contract and I had to leave at about 1:00 PM because they close for an hour for lunch. I come back @ 2:00 and have to wait another hour!!! They finally take me to the back, I get my pictures taken and have to wait another hour. It was finally 4:15 PM when the brackets were put and the rubber bands were placed in between my teeth (let me remind you I have been there since 9:30 AM).

It was now past 4:30 PM and I am finally finished and now my little brother missed his cross country meeting because WD took so long!!!

I have been make all my payments now since the 28th of August and like in early December, I get a letter from my insurance company saying that they will NOT pay the $1, 500!!! I am upset and I call them and they tell me that they told both managers that I was not covered by my insurance because I exceeded the age limit and they were told THE SAME DAY I GOT THE BRACES!!! Now I am REALLY MAD. When I go December to make my payment, everything seems good, my monthly payments have not changed. When I go on 1/02/09 to fix a wire that came loose, they tell me I have to sign a new contract and have to pay $132 every month!!! I refuse because I told the manager that I would not be able to pay this money the day I got the braces. I speak to the manager and I tell her that I had asked her to verify that the insurance will pay.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Salinas, CAShe tells me that she did but then I tell her that I have proof, which I do, that she was told the day I got the braces that I was not covered. She tells me not to worry, that she will take care of it and that I can call her if I have any questions. She makes me sign the new contract, telling me that she will take care of it. Luckily for me, another employee was in the office and heard the manager say she will take care of it, hopefully she will back me up. I call the manager the next day and tell her that I am very upset of the circumstances in which I was made to sign the new contract and I ask her to fix it. She tells me she will write off the $1, 500 and that she will respect my original contract but could not do it at that same moment because they were going through an procedure. She then takes the new contract and marks off the $132 payment and re-writes $88 monthly payment. I was very happy.
My happiness did not last long. I received a letter on 1/12/09 saying that I have 5 days to pay a balance of $218.00 or I will be sent to collections. I have no idea what this is about. I call and they tell me that I was being charged the difference from the $132 they WANT me to pay, and the $88 that my contract says I have to pay and that I HAVE been paying. I was forced to make a $50 payment because they lady on the phone threaten to send me to collection right then and there.
I call my office and ask why they sent me to collections and the lady that answered, who happened to be the witness I had when the manager made me sign the new contract under false statements, confirmed that it was indeed the $132 and $88 difference they were sending me to collections for. She then tells me to call another employee, who happens to be the other manager who was told I was not covered by my insurance the day I got the braces.
I call the other manager the next day and explain everything. She tells me that the original manager no longer works with them. I tell her that Western Dental still must take responsibility for their employees actions. She tells me she will talk to the regional manager and she will call me back. After 2 days, she has never called me back and I am still trying to get in contact with her and the regional manager to fix this mess. I hate Western Dental and I ask everyone, especially Medical patients because its off of you that western dental is making their money from, to not go there anymore PLEASE. A company like this should not exist!!! I know I must stand my ground even sue them for fraud but I am open to any suggestions on what I should do!!!

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  •   Mar 24, 2009

    I am in the middle of filing a complaint with Medi-cal. The West Coast Dental in East Los Angeles ARE just as bad. Good luck. Keep me posted on your progress [protected]

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  • Dr
      Sep 18, 2009

    It is very interesting. Very much I like it.
    I recommend

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  • Jd
      Jul 23, 2011

    hey watchful eye shut the ### up, it's only slander when it's not true. E.L. has been right about everything, you know why because i'm going through the same ### with this hole of a company. your just a [censored] mole, wait untill i find out who you are

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  • Sn
      Aug 06, 2011

    I hate western dental because i had a tooth ach and i ask if they can take care of me. they said sure so i got my x-rays done and they came to check my teeth. then the doctor says you will need a deep cleaning looks like you are loseing bone lost. he scaryed me so i said they had a bill for me for 1.800 dollers . and i had to make 3 down payments 216 dollers every 2 weeks and after that 100 month i told them im on unemployment and a single mom and had to swing rent and other bills by myself. they didn't care all they want is the money. so i called them if they can lower the payment and they said they are telling me i lost some bone lost in my mouth. and i have to have surgy. so what that means more $$$$$ so i had other apointment with them but i cancel it. and i still have that tooth ach that i first went in there for. please please watch out for them all they want is your money.

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