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Western Dental / unethical procedures & business practice

1 Fairfield, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 7074224600

My experience has been horrible(to say the least) from the minute i stepped foot in the fairfield, california office. My first trip i waited 4 hours in the front and 2 once seated in the back before they even looked at my mouth. In the last couple of months i have had 5 root canals, 5 extractions, 4 crowns, and a cple fillings as well as prep work and fittings(so far) for a partial upper and lower denture. Let me first off state that in my 30 years of life i've been through thousands and thousands of dollars worth of dental treatment and am really tolerant when it comes to receiving dental work. But throughout the last couple months i have been what seems to be part of a horror film-like experiment. It felt like they had no consideration(at all) for my physical being and savagely performed their work as if I wasn't conscious(or even alive at that) throughout the whole nightmarish ordeal. During the worst of it I had to stop and tell the dentist to "knock that ### off" and stop pushing so hard against my gums. While applying my crowns they stretched my mouth so wide and so inhumanely that both edges of my mouth ripped and bled. Aside from that for the last 3 weeks I've lived my life walking around with an extremely unsightly gap in the front of my mouth while waiting on my partials to arrive. I received a call last monday which is when i had an appointment for the fitting but instead received a call from a receptionist who informed me they hadn't arrived yet. She explained that they'll give me a call when they arrive but that they should come in by the end of the week.So i told her thats fine. Before i continue let me explain that I'm currently as close to losing my job as possible due to all the time i've had to take off for the numerous visits throughout all of this. On friday i called to find out if the fittings had arrived but was told they still hadn't come in. So i called again on saturday and found out that they actually HAD received them on thursday. I askd the receptionist why they failed to notify me when they showed up & was told "we were just given the printout of individuals to call". So again i realized i would have to deal with it & was told to come in today, monday, a week after they were originally suppose to have me come in for the fitting. When i arrived today i began my wonderful and ever-so-welcoming visit with the receptionist telling me that i no longer have cmsp as of 2 days ago and even though i was provided a printout months ago from cmsp with the approval and authorization to provide all these services and for the partials i had to reapply and become eligible before they would finalize the procedure & supply me with the partials. After a brief show of disgust and exchange of words with who i think MAY have been a supervisor...they agreed to have me fitted. But of course as always nothing in that office could ever go as smoothly as one may wish for. So when they sat me down they had realized the lab had made a mistake that would extend my wait another 3 weeks or a month. THE LAB SENT A BROKEN AND WRONGLY CONFIGURED FITTING. So once again they sent me on my way large gap and all wondering if/when i'll ever wake up from this hellish nightmare. Seriously people let this and all the other horror stories you read online be the motivational force for you to get up, get out, and put a stop to these DENTAL TERRORISTS!!! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT FOR THE SAKE OF THE NEXT INDIVIADUAL WHO COMES TO WESTERN DENTAL IN FAIRFIELD, CALIFORNIA and any other mentioned locations who virtually have no consideration for yours, mine, or anyones well being.

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