Wesaveyou$ eBay Seller + eBay / Paypaldefective product, no communication or refund

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wesaveyou$ eBay seller sold me a product, on 5/28/09 with several obvious defects, other than those listed in auction.

I left negative feedback to which he was allowed to reply with misinformation he knew was irrelevant to my complaint. I have no option, on eBay, to make this clear. I am an eBay buyer and seller with 100% positive feedback and until this matter have never left a negative feedback.

Though wesaveyou$ has 170 negative feedback, in the last 12 months eBay gives him a feedback score of 98.6%!!! This misleads others who might consider buying from this seller.

After 3 weeks with no response from him about this matter I filed a claim with PayPal, who guaranteed this auction and immediately escalated it to a claim per Pay Pal’s rules on 6/22/09. PayPal did not acknowledge the claim until today, when I filed it for a second time!

In short, I am left unsatisfied by the actions/inactions of wesaveyou$ or eBay/PayPal (PayPal is owned by eBay). In a simple matter of clearly defective merchandise I have been unable to receive any kind of satisfaction; or even direct contact (I did receive a couple of unresponsive auto-responses) from any of the other parties involved.

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  • Ca
      May 08, 2010

    I had the same problem with them- I'm filing a complaint against them with the Attorney General.

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