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I worked for werner in 2006, This was the worst experience I ever had. My first trainer was a female, she would go to the bathroom in the truck in a garbage can then tie the bag up and put it on the floor. Sometimes she would have 4 or 5 bags of urine in the truck. I called and said I wanted off this truck but they said I had to wait till our load was delivered.

When I was told that I waited till she went to sleep then drove myself out of route and went to the terminal. Then I had a guy trainer and he never taught me how to do anything, He would go home every weekend and I would have to stay in a motel. I missed christmas and new years with my family. I was with a trainer for 2 months until I finally got done. After that I got my truck which was junk and my first load. They said to follow the directions they sent me. I did and it took me 5 hours to go 50 miles. I really think they were messing with me cause I was new. Well they did fire me cause I sent in to get payment for a lumper to unload my truck and they said I wasn't suppose to do that. They approved it and everything but said I was stealing there money and I knew what I was doing. I still don't understand what it was I did wrong but getting fired from this company was the best thing that happed to me. I now work for a good company and get payed good and have a nice truck with my name on it. I don't think anyone should work for this company. They would hire anyone even if they don't know how to drive these trucks. there just a really bad company. I could go on and on about things that happened to me with this company. Just stay away from them!

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  • Ge
      May 04, 2009

    Best Trucking Company I ever worked for. I was well trained, had good loads, great directions, good pay and benefits. Computerized logging a bonus. A really good professional outfit.

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  • He
      Feb 13, 2011
    Werner Enterprise - Terminated for the wrong reason
    United States

    After graduating truck driving school, I found myself wanting to work for a company that would show its new driver the ropes of the road. I choose werner due to the fact that it was one of the only companies that would do that. When i get to colorado, go through the orientation class, I finally meet my trainer who was bad ### btw...After my 300 hours, i get dropped off in phoenix az, where i pick up my own truck and head out solo.
    After a couple of months on the road, i announce to my dispatcher im having brake problems in which he routed me to the nearest repair center. They change the pads and send me on my way. get to the hi-way and im still having problems. So now im calling my dispatcher and he tells me to pull over and disconnect the ABS plug and continue. So now im pulled over to the side of the road as far as i can go, hazards on, triangles out, and im underneath the truck searching for this plug. I get out from under the trailer, walk about 9 steps, and BAM...a car slams into me from behind doing 70. The lady is alive and screaming, I'm motionless, and there is a great Samaritan helping me put out the flames on her vehicle. After everything was said and done, she gets taken by and ambulance, im still shaking and now i have to detach my rig so that they could take the trailer to the yard. Now that's done and now i still gotta drive to the nearest rest stop, pick up a load and head to Dallas. When i get to Dallas, im told that the supervisor wants to see me. I go to his office and to my surprise i get canned. The reason-I pulled over to the side of the road violating safety precautions set forth by Werner...

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  • Ch
      Aug 30, 2012
    Werner Enterprise - Terminated for the wrong reason
    werner enterprise
    United States

    Discrimination. And harrasment I developed a blood clout and had to wait for 3 days before I was taken to the hospital. Was a student trainee.

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  • Ia
      Nov 30, 2012

    I feel that trucking companies can do pretty much what they want to do regarding drivers.
    I resigned with Werner recently, and when I tried to hand in my resignation, I was told to mail it to a P.O. Box to their Corporate office in Nebraska.
    While the resignation was going through the mail, I decided to ask one of my prospective employers to run a DAC on me, to make sure this company wouldn't say they terminated me. Guess what? They stated on the DAC report that they terminated me. Why?
    I had a couple of minor incidents, which were NON-CHARGEABLE. No ticket, no police report, no problem, right? WRONG!
    Now I am trying to get on with a few of the companies I am interested in, and I am BLOCKED. Was this what they wanted to do?
    I would never have left had they paid me a descent cpm. I was making .26cpm, received a penny raise, after working with them for 9 months! I drove solo and never received the miles that would have made me a descent check, this being the reason I resigned.

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